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  • Is Hong Kong's electoral reform report accurate?  Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014 | 8:33 PM ET

    Christopher Lau, Treasurer & Former Chairman, People Power, explains why the reform report submitted to Beijing doesn't reflect the views of Hong Kong citizens.

  • Tracking the issue of inequality in the US  Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014 | 8:16 PM ET

    Wayne Swan, Former Deputy Prime Minister & Treasurer of Australia and Andy Xie, Independent Economist, discuss the impact of U.S. monetary policy on the labor market.

  • Individual weaknesses sparked BRICS bank: UBS  Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014 | 7:44 PM ET

    Jorge Mariscal, Regional CIO, Emerging Markets at UBS, says internal weaknesses among BRICS nations was likely the main catalyst for the creation of the new development bank.

  • Who loses from Apple-IBM deal?  Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014 | 7:34 PM ET

    Charles Sizemore, CIO at Sizemore Capital Management, explains why the partnership between Apple and IBM will impact Microsoft and Google more than Blackberry.

  • Fed's remarks on stocks were surprising: Pro  Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014 | 7:07 PM ET

    Scott Redler, Chief Strategic Officer at T3live.com, discusses the Fed's unusually targeted comments on biotech and social media valuations.

  • Indonesia mulls restrictions on foreign banks  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 9:47 PM ET

    John Caparusso, MD & Head of Banks Research at Standard Chartered Bank, says the country's new banking bill is "a normal part of risk management."

  • Can Airbus' new plane boost fuel efficiency?  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 9:38 PM ET

    Richard Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis at the Teal Group, explains why Airbus' new A330 Neo can help the firm achieve double-digit improvement in fuel efficiency.

  • Optimistic on Chinese growth and stocks: Pro  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 9:14 PM ET

    Daryl Liew, Head Of Portfolio Management at Reyl Singapore, says the mainland will see "stronger growth over the next few quarters", which will in turn buoy Chinese equities.

  • Why Indonesia needs to cut fuel subsidies  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 8:47 PM ET

    Vera Eve Lim, CFO of Bank Danamon, says a cut in the government's fuel subsidy program needs to be done even if it means short-term pain.

  • Why Xiaomi is targeting India  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 8:40 PM ET

    Bryan Wang, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, says India's fast growing smartphone market is ideal for Xiaomi, which is targeting the middle class in emerging economies.

  • Why the BOJ is putting monetary easing on hold  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 8:17 PM ET

    Glenn Levine, Senior Economist at Moody's Analytics, says April's tax hike has made it "tricky" for the central bank to gauge the health of Japan's economy.

  • Graeme Bannerman, Scholar at the Middle East Institute, says a ceasefire proposal from Egypt indicates an "international concern that the situation in Gaza is getting out of control."

  • Richard Wike, Director of Global Attitudes Research at Pew Research Center, discusses a survey that shows the majority of Asian nations fear a military conflict with China.

  • Citi Q2 earnings provide certainty: Expert  Monday, 14 Jul 2014 | 7:08 PM ET

    Mark Yusko, CEO & CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management, says the bank's strong quarterly earnings assured investors, but warns of risks from tougher regulations.

  • Will US-Germany relations fray over spying claims?  Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 | 9:44 PM ET

    Karen Donfried, President of German Marshall Fund, says Germany is clearly upset over recent espionage allegations after the country asked Berlin's CIA station chief to leave.

  • Growth is picking up in China: BNP Paribas  Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 | 9:34 PM ET

    Francois Perrin, Head of Greater China Equities at BNP Paribas Investment Partners, says recent data indicate improvements in China and explains why stocks aren't mirroring the positive momentum.

  • Why the US dollar will see gains this week  Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 | 9:09 PM ET

    Ken Peng, Asia Investment Strategist at Citi Private Bank, says the greenback is likely to strengthen amid a U.S. recovery. He also discusses the outlook for precious metals.

  • Role of nationalism in Indonesia's election  Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 | 8:09 PM ET

    Glenn Maguire, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific at ANZ, explains why nationalistic campaign calls won't materialize after Indonesia's new president takes office.

  • Singapore annual growth slows to 2.1% in Q2  Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 | 8:02 PM ET

    Glenn Maguire, Chief Economist, Asia Pacific at ANZ, says volatility in the pharmaceutical and electrical sectors may have weighed on Singapore's economy in the second quarter.

  • World Cup final was a 'good tactical battle': Pro  Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 | 7:46 PM ET

    Tim Bredbury, former Liverpool player, analyzes the hard-fought final match between Germany and Argentina. He also outlines the factors that were pivotal to Germany's domination this World Cup.

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