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CNBC's Julia Boorstin asks whether iHeart Radio eating iTunes' lunch? Bob Pittman, Clear Channel Chairman and CEO, discusses competition in digital music sales.

High Times announces new fund     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 2:27 PM ET

CNBC's Josh Lipton reports on the HT Growth Fund, which plans to raise $100 million over the next two years for the legal marijuana market.

What 'Shark Tank' meant to Mr. Tod     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 1:55 PM ET

Tod Wilson, owner of Mr. Tod's Pie Factory says his opportunity on "Shark Tank" was "life changing."

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara tells a news conference why JPMorgan is settling charges related to the Bernie Madoff ponzie scheme.

50 Cent introduces new headphone line     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 12:40 PM ET

CNBC's Julia Boorstin speaks with Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent about his new headphone line, as well as competition with Beats Electronics.

CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports Comcast's CEO Brian Roberts is discussing positive video subscriber growth in Q4.

NBC News' Gabe Gutierrez reports Atlanta, Georgia, opened up a temporary warming shelter overnight due to a cold snap across the nation.

CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss early morning rallies, economic data, and how harsh, freezing temperatures are impacting the economy.

CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports how the freezing winter weather is affecting the airlines. 12,243 flights have been cancelled over the last 4 days according to FlightAware.

Thomas Rogers, TiVo president & CEO, discusses the future of TiVo and the innovation taking place in the smart TV space. Rogers says TiVo enables you to broaden your streaming universe with its cloud DVR.

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper was almost killed after a near-miss with a semi truck, and his dashboard camera recorded the whole thing. The video, released by UHP officials Monday, serves as a reminder to all drivers not to get distracted by anything behind the wheel.

Typo launches a keyboard     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 5:50 PM ET

Following a lawsuit from BlackBerry, Laurence Hallier, founder and CEO of Typo Products, explains why he does not believe Typo's product has violated any patents.

First foreclosure auction of 2014     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 10:41 AM ET

CNBC's Diana Olick reports on the first major foreclosure auction taking place in Atlanta. Close to 100 properties will be sold ranging from $20,000 to $300,000.

Beyond freezing in Flint, MI     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 10:30 AM ET

Mayor Dayne Walling of Flint, Michigan, discusses the arctic cold temperatures blasting the Midwest and its impact on business. Flint received 16 inches of snow in the latest snowstorm.

NYC massive disability fraud     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 10:25 AM ET

Retired New York City police and firefighters are being charged in a scam to defraud social security. More than 100 have been arrested. CNBC's Andrea Day reports.

CNBC's Scott Cohn reports JPMorgan will settle with trustee Irving Picard for $543 million. Picard will disperse the funds to the Madoff victims.

Goodyear workers set tire fire     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 10:15 AM ET

CNBC's Stephane Pedrazzi reports workers at a Goodyear plant in France have set fire to very expensive tires in protest of a factory shutdown.

Former Congressman Ron Paul discusses the endorsement of Janet Yellen and the challenges she will face leading the Federal Reserve.

The "Squawk on the Street" news team reports on today's top business headlines, including the play on natural gas as record cold temperatures sweep across the U.S.

I'm optimistic there will be better earnings and the price-earnings ratio can actually rise, says Byron Wien, Blackstone Advisory Partners, revealing his top predictions for the markets this year.

CNBC's 'Shark Tank' premieres tonight     Tue, 7 Jan '14 | 6:19 AM ET

Kevin O'Leary, The O'Leary Funds chairman, provides a preview of CNBC's new business reality show, "Shark Tank." This show is about what made this country great in the first place, starting your own business, says O'Leary.

Apple blacklisted for morality?     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 5:45 PM ET

Ronnie Moas, Standpoint Research, explains why Apple's morality, particularly at factories in Asia, is reason enough for a stock downgrade. Apple treats the people there who make its products like animals, Moas alleges. "It's disgraceful."

Long gold in yen terms: Gartman     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 5:30 PM ET

The Gartman Letter's Dennis Gartman explains why those who didn't short gold have missed their chance.

New York next to join marijuana game?     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 4:46 PM ET

What's turning the tide for the legalization of medical marijuana? CNBC's Jane Wells reports.

Zynga testing bitcoin     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 4:22 PM ET

More U.S. businesses are choosing to use bitcoin, reports CNBC's Morgan Brennan. Zynga will accept the digital currency for in-game purchases.

"Shark Tank" host Barbara Corcoran shares the 3 biggest mistakes contestants make on the show, and what it takes to win.

Michael Jordan's mansion drama     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 1:49 PM ET

Michael Jordan decided to try an auction of his Chicago-area home when it couldn't sell for $29 million. Now the home is back on the market for $16 million, reports CNBC's Robert Frank.

Tech Yeah! Geeks go to Vegas     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 12:00 PM ET

A look at the biggest trends and ideas coming out of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, with Michael Gorman, Engadget senior editor.

CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss the weaker-than-expected ISM data, and how the harsh weather may impact the economy.

Demystifying bitcoin mining     Mon, 6 Jan '14 | 11:26 AM ET

Jon Steinberg, president and chief operating officer of BuzzFeed, unveils a bitcoin mining rig he built himself.

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