Mark Koba

Mark Koba
Senior Editor, CNBC

Mark Koba is a senior editor at CNBC.com. Topics for his feature story writing include the business of politics, health care, employment and the economy.

Before working at CNBC.com, he spent 11 years at Bloomberg LP, where among various duties, he was program producer for the award-winning "Bloomberg Small Business" television show.

Koba's background includes a decade of news writing and show producing at CNN, E! Entertainment Television, ABC's "World News Now," "Good Morning America" and CBS' "This Morning."

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  • Earnings Season: Projected Winners and Losers
    By: Mark Koba
    Tuesday, 9 Jan 2007 | 10:04 AM ET

    We've been telling you that earnings season gets underway today--when Alcoa releases its earnings after the closing bell. Wall Street investors are certainly interested in who will meet or beat expectations--and who will NOT do either in Q4.  CNBC's Mary Thompson previewed some numbers on "Squawk on the Street" as to which sectors may come out on top--or the bottom.

  • Fire And Ice: Is Warm Weather Cooling Retailers?
    By: Mark Koba
    Tuesday, 9 Jan 2007 | 8:40 AM ET

    "Squawk Box" kicked off a new series this morning--Fire and Ice--a look at how the unusually warm weather is helping and hurting areas of the U.S. economy. The focus today is on retail. When the weather's too warm--many people don't shop for cold weather items--as some holiday season retailers found out last month. December in the U.S. was one of the warmest on record.

  • NYC Gas Leak: No Harm, No Source Yet
    By: Mark Koba
    Monday, 8 Jan 2007 | 11:01 AM ET
    New York City Skyline

    "Morning Call" broke into a press conference by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg was answering questions about a "mysterious" gas odor that was filtering through Manhattan and parts of nearby New Jersey today. So far--there's no source for the smell. More importantly--there are no injuries--though some 27 people are said to have felt sick. It's not sure if all are related to the odor.