Mark Koba

Mark Koba
Senior Editor, CNBC

Mark Koba is a senior editor at CNBC.com. Topics for his feature story writing include the business of politics, health care, employment and the economy.

Before working at CNBC.com, he spent 11 years at Bloomberg LP, where among various duties, he was program producer for the award-winning "Bloomberg Small Business" television show.

Koba's background includes a decade of news writing and show producing at CNN, E! Entertainment Television, ABC's "World News Now," "Good Morning America" and CBS' "This Morning."

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  • Tomorrow on cnbc.com: Gold Vs. Stocks, and HMOs
    By: Mark Koba
    Thursday, 28 Dec 2006 | 4:35 PM ET

    For some, stocks are the be-all and end-all of investing. For others it's gold. We'll have a lively debate on the issue during "Squawk Box" tomorrow with Greg McCoach -- he's president of The Mining Speculator (guess which side he's on) -- and Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group. Other scheduled topics and guests include a look at HMOs on "Morning Call." Will they grow in 2007 or not? We'll have analysts give them a checkup.

  • Air Pollution: Smoke Screen or Real Danger?
    By: Mark Koba
    Thursday, 28 Dec 2006 | 3:28 PM ET
    Los Angeles, California

    So--what if everything you were told about air pollution was wrong?  That it's not a problem anywhere near what most people believe. Joel Schwartz thinks that way. He is an adjunct scholar at the National Center for Policy Analysis. He's out with a study that says environmentalists have exaggerated just how bad air pollution is. But not so fast--says Ed Hopkins. He's Director of the Environmental Quality Program at the Sierra Club.

  • Trader Monthly: Best And Worst Deals of 2006
    By: Mark Koba
    Thursday, 28 Dec 2006 | 1:01 PM ET

    It's been a pretty good year for Wall Street--from a bumper crop of buyouts to record-breaking gains. But there were some stumbling blocks--most notably in the commodities markets. The folks at Trader Monthly Magazine have compiled a list of the biggest--most brazen--and jaw dropping trades of the past 12 months. Randall Lane is Editor-in-Chief of Trader Monthly. He was on "Power Lunch" with the list.