Citigroup's Top Picks For '07

Friday, 5 Jan 2007 | 10:59 AM ET

Citigroup's Tobias Levkovich has released his top picks for '07. Here are the hints to the stocks he liked--that you may have heard on "Squawk on the Street": 1) Your parents were wrong; TV is good for you, 2) Another of his favorites can be found in the mall, 3) The real little engines that could. Think you know which ones Levkovich likes? See if you guessed right:

American Tower

Avon Products

DST Systems

Intel (The real little "computer" engine, that could!)


Liz Claiborne (can be found in the mall - how about in your portfolio?)


Nalco Holding

Marriott International


Viacom (Your parents were wrong; TV is good for you.. or at least your bank account.)

Preferred Sectors:

-Specialty retailing

Here's some of what Levkovich had to say about his investment strategy:

Citigroup's Top 10 Picks
Tobias Levkovich, Citigroup Chief U.S. Equity Strategist, shares his top 10 stock picks for 2007 with CNBC's Erin Burnett

CNBC's Mark Haines: "What parts of the market are you avoiding?"
Levkovich: "We’re cautious on the industrial economy; materials, industrial machinery type companies. These have been, beaten up a little bit here – people got expectations too high. That doesn’t mean we don’t like any materials companies. "

Haines: "Is any of your strategy being driven by what you expect to happen in Washington?"
Levkovich: "I think healthcare certainly has a little bit of a Washington bent here as you’re going to see some more headlines risk."

Analyst Disclosure: Tobias Levkovich and/or members of his family own shares of INTC, VIA
Citigroup Global markets Inc. or an affiliate received compensation for products and services other than investment banking services from Intel Corporation and Viacom in the past 12 months.

Citigroup Global markets Inc. currently has, or had with in the past 12 months the following companies as clients and the services provided were non-investment banking, non-securities related and securities related: INTC, VIA, AMT, LOW, NLC, AVP, DST, KLAC, MAR, QCOM

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