Mercedes "S" class: The "S" is for Sizzling

Friday, 9 Feb 2007 | 11:44 AM ET

Stylish, smokin', sensational sales.

Pardon the alliteration, but it seemed the best way to characterize Mercedes "S" class. This luxury car is red hot. According to the Power Information Network, the "S" was one of the most popular leased vehicles in January. And on the sale side, the average "S" stays on dealer lots just 18 days. Making it one of the 10 fastest selling cars of the month.

Not surprising to me. When I visited the Mercedes headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany this summer, there was a steady stream of American buyers picking up their "S" class for shipment back to the states. And on the assembly line, there was a steady procession of "S" models destined for U.S. Dealers.

The new "S" is a substantial improvement over the previous generation. The look is more refined. The interior has the elegance you would expect in a $9O,OOO car and the electronics are easier to manage.

In short, Mercedes got it right, and the buyers are clearly loving it.

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  • Phil LeBeau is a CNBC auto and airline industry reporter based in the Chicago bureau and editor of the Behind the Wheel section on CNBC.com.