Going Green: New Energy

By CNBC.com
Friday, 20 Apr 2007 | 4:12 PM ET

Environmentally friendly concepts used to be the stuff of a small, enlightend -- and in some cases, on the fringe -- group of people. But very quickly in recent years, the tide has turned. More and more people and companies are going green. Here's a look at some companies and technologies.

Ethanol Alternative
Bush signs an ethanol accord with Brazil, and concerns grow in this country that going green may not be gold for everyone, with Jane Wells, CNBC Business News

When Green Isn't Gold

Bio-diesel companies are re-examining their expansion plans, with some companies delaying projects as profit margins narrow Higher costs for soybean oil - a major source -- is one problem. As Jane Wells reports, even the National Biodiesel Board admits it has "dampened some of profitability in the industry."

Alternative Energy
The potential to end our reliance on foreign oil may be in our own back yards, with Scott Cohn, CNBC senior correspondent

The Heat Is On

A recent study by MIT says a concept called heat mining -- or, enhanced geothermal energy -- could provide 10% of the natioon's power. Ormat Technologies uses it to provide power for the city of Reno Nevada. Scott Cohn has the story.


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