Nasdaq Turns to "Incredibly Strong" Pipeline of Chinese Firms


Robert Greifeld, president and chief executive officer of Nasdaq, told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” that 40 Chinese companies with a total market cap of about $30 billion have listed on the exchange to date.

“The pipeline is incredibly strong,” Greifeld said Tuesday.

He declined to speak directly about a possible joint venture with Chinese stock markets, but noted, “As I travel around the Asia-Pacific region, it’s very common to see Nasdaq as the aspiration for innovative, entrepreneurial companies. We’re here to service that need. It’s a very large requirement and a growing requirement. Nasdaq has been successful, and we anticipate the success to increase in the years to come.”

Nasdaq in China
Nasdaq in China   

He said Nasdaq has made no decision about its 30% stake in the London Stock Exchange.

“We certainly recognize it’s a valuable asset,” Greifeld said. “It’s an asset that has a certain price point to it. So, we maintain ‘optionality.’ We measure the performance of that management team and we certainly look out for our investment. So far, we’re very pleased.”