Autos: Fuel For Thought

By CNBC.com STaff
Thursday, 5 Apr 2007 | 6:11 PM ET

Motown may stiill be making thousands of gas-guzzling SUVs, but U.S. automakers are doing more than dabbling in hybrid vehicles. Ford Motor, for one, has been developing its Hyseries, a fuel-cell car.

Fuel-Free Ford
Ford is showing off its new fuel-cell vehicle, and Mujeeb Ijaz, Ford Motor manager of fuel-cell engineering, discusses the concept car with CNBC's Liz Claman

Ford's manager of fuel-cell engineering, Mujeeb Ijaz, gave Morning Call's Liz Claman a look under the hood.

The Hyseries is a noiseless, gaslsess vehicle, capable of traveling up to 85 mph.

Ford engineers have already reduced the size of the fuel-cell power unit by 50% as part of the company's efforst to appeal to consumers, but Ijaz estimates that Ford will need a "ten-year window to further develop a commercial strategy."

So don't double park in the meantime.


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