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Leaderboard: Top Name Repeats But New Number Two

Good morning. We're back on track after Friday's market holiday. Parker Robinson maintains the top spot in the leaderboard for the 2nd day running, James Kraber takes over 2nd on WD-40 up 15.52% Monday, and Deborah Taft, still all in cash, falls to 4th place.
Though Parker maintained the top spot with a portfolio value of $2,793,103.27, he is all in cash and gained only $3,000 Monday on Bonus Bucks. James Kraber gained the #2 spot with a portfolio value of $2,610,613.42, moving up from 7th place. He gained $350,370.90 on the sale of WD-40 (WDFC) which reported strong earnings on Monday. He is currently gambling on Opnext which hit a new 52-wk closing low on 4/2, and was up 7% Monday to $13.23. Opnext IPO'd on 2/14, and is down almost 12% from its filing price of $15.

Contest registrations to date: 656,085

Name Portfolio Value
1. Parker Robinson $2,793,103.27
2. James Kraber 2,610,613.42
3. George Lee 2,603,769.77
4. Deborah Taft 2,596,576.30
5. Ken Guillory 2,511,976.80
6. Zheng Ni 2,359,002.88
7. Brian Forse 2,354,448.94
8. James Kraber 2,324,035.55
9. Evan Scherer 2,303,624.35
10. Emmanuel Nogueira 2,299,222.73
11. Joe Dondero 2,276,980.57
12. Chad Mazeika 2,276,347.81
13. Barry Dressler 2,273,900.02
14. Kris Rene 2,243,360.00
15. Shi Nisman 2,211,254.80
16. William Garrett 2,199,869.57
17. Serge Amelyan 2,182,458.07
18. Chris Humphrey 2,161,211.77
19. Chishyan Chang 2,156,652.43
20. Peter LoBrutto 2,148,648.90

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