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CNBC's Deutsch: "I Think Imus Is Done"

The storm over Don Imus' racial comments escalated as more advertisers pulled out from his show. CNBC's Donny Deutsch told "Power Lunch" that "I think Imus is done."

After Imus made disparaging remarks about the Rutgers University womens' basketball team, national media figures weighed in -- and apparently, so have consumers.

Deutsch said "what really matters" is the economics of advertising. The show is aired on CBS radio and simulcast on MSNBC.

Deutsch told CNBC's Sue Herera that "The groups that want Imus' head get the names of the CEOs of advertisers" -- who "have no choice" but to yank their ads. Deutsch, who hosts "The Big Idea," said the remaining sponsors "almost certainly" will feel pressure to follow suit and abandon Imus' show.

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