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Mad Mail

Dear Jim: I am confused about Lundin Mining . Yesterday metals soared, copper set a new high, and most mining companies followed the metals up. However, not only was LMC not up, it was down 1.66%. Why? --Stu

Cramer says: “LMC is following the same path that Yamana Gold did.” Yamana doubled after Cramer recommended it at $70 because they kept buying other gold mines. He would recommend buying LMC when there’s a pullback.

Dear Jim:
My question is regarding Dean Foods and its recent $15 special dividend. Given that you’ve always been against the “buy and hold” strategy, how long do you suggest holding Dean Foods for those of us who followed your advice and bought ahead of the dividend? --Michael

Cramer says: “I think DF is going back to where it was before it paid the dividend. This is a company with a very steady cash flow that could afford to do this.” Cramer thinks Dean Foods is one of the best-managed and most pro-shareholder companies he knows.

Dear Jim:
Why recommend a company like Incyte that has no drugs in Phase I or II of FDA approval, which could take a couple years to happen, over a company like Osiris , which has a couple drugs in Phase III FDA approval, which could release any time? Isn't there much more upside and less risk with a company like Osiris?

Cramer says: “I thought Incyte, because of all its cash and how low it was, actually had the lowest risk.” The trickiest time to invest in biotech is when everybody knows about something and there is a lot that could be approved, he says.


Dear Jim: With San Francisco outlawing petroleum-based grocery bags, and the potential for a nationwide trend, is there a stock we should be looking at that manufactures, produces or distributes biodegradable grocery bags? --Christine

Cramer says: “The only packaging company on my radar is Rock-Tenn , but I need that stock to come in.”

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