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Mad Mail

Dear Jim: I enjoyed the Monster Worldwide story on Mad Money yesterday. I enjoyed your insight on what you think Gannett should do. I work for The Sacramento Bee, which is owned by McClatchy. As you know they purchased Knight Ridder last year and since then the stock has fallen off a cliff. There seems to be no real clue on how newspapers can make money online. Do you think it would be wise for McClatchy to buy Monster? Was it a bad move to buy Knight Ridder when there are better Internet acquisitions out there? --BC

Cramer says: “It was a real bad move. They completely overpaid, they had the same vision that the Tribune people do that this isn't an industry in secular decline … I just think there’s nothing worse than what the newspaper companies are doing, which is why I suggested getting into Monster. "


Dear Jim:
I had read the Superior Offshore prospectus and was put off by the following item: In the "Use of Proceeds" section, they state their intention to pay a special cash dividend of $28 million to existing stockholders prior to the completion of this offering. (That's about 25% of the proceeds.) And any variation from the estimate of proceeds will add to or subtract from the special cash dividend. Is this normal? --Seth

Cramer says: We saw it with Burger King - it doesn't really seem to hurt the companies. I used to be much more fearful of it but BKC went up in my face.


Dear Jim:
I wanted to ask you about Southern Copper . For the last 3 years, PCU dropped like a rock somewhere between late April and early May. BHP Billiton seems to follow the same pattern. Do you think we should escape PCU now or will this year be different and we should hold on for the long haul? Thank you so much for everything you do for us, the independent investor! --Eric

Cramer says: “That's because the Chinese have a habit of walking away from the table and not buying copper … I would continue to buy PCU.”


Dear Jim:
You mentioned that because of the Supreme Court's judgment on April 2 you are now going green. I was wondering what you thought of FuelCell Energy . They have won more than $200 million in business with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. With six power projects totaling around 68 megawatts, what do you think this will mean for FCEL? --Frank

Cramer says: “This is the kind of company I would have been very bearish on before Green Day, and I’m now very bullish on it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.”

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