Going Green: Autos

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Friday, 20 Apr 2007 | 4:23 PM ET
Hybrid's Second Wind
While gas prices are on the way back up, the prices of hybrid cars are going down. Phil LeBeau, CNBC auto industry reporter, has more.

Hope Again For Hybrids

Green may not be among the most popular colors for cars, but it's is certainly one of the first place people look when it comes to alternative energy. There were high hopes for hybrid vehichles until high prices scared away buyers and developers. Now prices are coming down and interest is going back up. Phil LeBeau reports.

Fuel-Free Ford
Ford is showing off its new fuel-cell vehicle, and Mujeeb Ijaz, Ford Motor manager of fuel-cell engineering, discusses the concept car with CNBC's Liz Claman

No Gasoline, Thanks

U.S. automakers are doing more than dabbling in hybrid vehicles. Ford Motor, for one, has been developing its Hyseries, a fuel-cell car.

Ford's manager of fuel-cell engineering, Mujeeb Ijaz, gave Morning Call's Liz Claman a look under the hood.

The Hyseries is a noiseless, gaslsess vehicle, capable of traveling up to 85 mph.

Ford engineers have already reduced the size of the fuel-cell power unit by 50% as part of the company's efforst to appeal to consumers, but Ijaz estimates that Ford will need a "ten-year window to further develop a commercial strategy."

So don't double park in the meantime.


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