Re-Cap: Leaderboard, Stocks And Trivia

Friday, 20 Apr 2007 | 2:45 PM ET

Here's our update of the most recent stats on the leaderboard, most active and the trivia questions in case you missed anything. And don't forget to read Jeff Mishlove's contest picks. (He picks for today.) We have video below of everything as well. We'll start with the trivia. The video question is worth $2,000 Bonus Bucks: Shareholders of Firstgroup will meet today to close a 1.8B pound takeover deal of what major U.S. services company? Your selection of answers is: Laidlaw or Southwest Airlines or National Express Group or Mac-Gray Corp.

The news question is worth $1,000 Bonus Bucks: Google reported that it's quaterly net profit rose how much? Your selection of answers is: 73% or 20%or 69% or 45%.

Remember, go to the contest home page and click on the tab that says Bonus Bucks to make your selections.

Contest registrations to date: 1,104,725. (more than a million now!)

Serge Amelyan continues to hold the top position on the overall leaderboard, while the upset occurs as Parker Robinson falls to third, displaced by Vitaliy Khizder who moves into 2nd. As we said Thursday, Serge is the first contestant to break the $3M mark with a total portfolio value of $3,275,721.77 up $39,498.72 from Wednesday's total on the sale of Evergreen Solar , in which Serge caught a bounce with its 1.13% gain Thursday and he got $3K in Bonus Bucks.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Serge Amelyan $3,275,721.77
2. Vitaliy Khizder 2,988,722.75
3. Parker Robinson 2,863,454.63
4. Kevin Ghasemian, 2,853,626.01
5. Joe Dondero 2,814,825.00

Most actives as of the close on 4/19:
Crystallex International
Fremont General
Technical Olympic USA
Sirius Satellite Radio
Impac Mortgage
Charter Communication

Widely helds as of the close on 4/19:
CMGI: 3,331,627,065 shares held, down from Wednesday.
Revlon: 2,706,026,179 shares held, up from Wednesday.
Conexant: 2,091,527,664 shares held, up from Wednesday.
Sirius: 1,573,355,631 shares held, up from Wednesday.
Crystallex International: 1,380,144,565 shares held, down from Wednesday.
Vonage: 1,208,881,924 shares held, up from Wednesday.

Million Dollar Update
A leader board update as well as a look at the most widely traded stocks in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, with CNBC's Bill Griffeth & Sue Herera

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