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Contest Leader Breaks $4 Million Mark

Good morning all. Shi Nisman holds the top spot, and becomes the first contestant to break the $4 million mark on strong Corning earnings. And Greyson Masters takes over the 2nd position, displacing Kevin Boyd, who fell to 19th on a bad gamble with Travelzoo earnings, which fell almost 24% Wednesday.

Shi remains in first with a portfolio value of $4,088,389.59 up $204,432.50 on his Corning trade on its 5.27% gain Wednesday on strong earnings. Shi is all-in on 123,107 shares of Old Dominion Freight at $33.21, betting on a strong earnings report Thursday.

Greyson M. gains the #2 spot with a portfolio value of $3,812,716.07. Some of his biggest trades were Woodward Governor , trading on earnings, and gaining almost $500K, Gentex gaining him $364K, and RC2 gaining him $308K. Greyson is all-in on Vasco Data at $17.66 hoping for strong earnings Thursday.

Kevin B. fell to the from the #2 spot to #19 with a total portfolio value that fell $836,378.48 to $2,701,661.65. This was on a loss in Travelzoo which fell almost 24% Wednesday on weak earnings. Kevin is all-in on MPS Groupat $15.02.

Contest registrations to date: 1,324,502.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Shi Nisman $4,088,389.59
2. Greyson Masters 3,812,716.07
3. Serge Amelyan 3,345,271.02
4. Kevin H. Ghasemian 2,977,920.09
5. Joe Dondero 2,974,742.95
6. Mary Williams 2,950,745.05
7. Eric Shulman 2,940,078.70
8. Rayomnd Teon 2,935,230.91
9. Nishant Tomar 2,933,022.83
10. John Golden 2,813,489.78
11. Michael Hart 2,805,897.02
12. Brian Forse 2,785,983.04
13. Jeff Myers 2,784,494.80
14. Deborah Taft 2,768,943.34
15. David Gibbons 2,763,270.66
16. Yehuda Yefet 2,759,997.72
17. Ken Guillory 2,745,329.24
18. Binh Tran 2,715,325.18
19. Kevin Boyd 2,713,663.60
20. Dione Leidholt 2,701,661.65

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