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New Name Challenges Contest Leaders

Good morning. Well, we thought the top spots might change--but only the 3rd spot has a new name. Serge Amelyan and Shi Nisman continue to hold the top 2 spots on the leaderboard, but neither made transactions again Wednesday--once again risking their lead--as Carl Altenburg moved into 3rd place. AND Carl is only $45K from the #2 spot. Serge remains in the lead with a total portfolio value of $4,883,454.68 up $3,000 in bonus bucks from Tuesday's total. Serge remains all in cash.

Shi Nisman holds the #2 spot with a total portfolio value of $4,733,507.23. Shi made no transactions, not even bonus bucks and remains all in cash.

Meanwhile, Carl Altenburg, who holds the #3 spot, with a portfolio value of $4,688,399.28 is currently all in with Valero Energy Corp. .

Contest registrations are closed. The final number is: 1,604,222.

Name Portfolio Value
1. Serge Amelyan $4,883,454.68
2. Shi Nisman 4,733,507.23
3. Carl Altenburg 4,688,399.28
4. Stephen Luchko 4,517,348.48
5. David Gibbons 4,506,201.12
6. Steven Lee 4,482,860.91
7. Mary Williams 4,288,754.89
8. Stephen Luchko 4,126,163.40
9. Joe Dondero 3,910,151.74
10. Eric Pirhalla 3,838,614.58
11. Lina Kim 3,727,984.67
12. Brian Forse 3,512,000.34
13. Kyong Kim 3,289,339.84
14. Lina Kim 3,265,788.05
15. Ban Tran 3,240,725.10
16. Christine Ferrigno 3,237,605.00
17. Deborah Taft 3,237,309.33
18. William LaDue 3,229,230.33
19. Takako Friend 3,197,538.07
20. Ban Tran 3,169,236.76

This week's current top percentage gainers:
1, Nick Carraway
2. William Gabriel
3. Nick Carraway
4. Nick Carraway
5. Nick Carraway
6. William Gabriel
7. William Gabriel
8. Nick Carraway
9. Nick Carraway
10. William Gabriel

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