The Million Dollar Challenge: Who's Ahead Right Now

It's five days and counting until the end of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge contest--with a prize on the line of $1,000,000. We have 20 finalists in the running for the money--and thousands more competing in the Second Chance Showdown for a Sony Home Theatre Entertainment System. The players have until close of trading this Friday to create the portfolio with the biggest value.

Here's a look at the top ten leaders for the $1,000,000 and a video clip of where they stand and what they're trading.

#1 Steven Lee: $1,353,709.70 up $164,709.12 +13.85%.
Sold 42,893 shares of Intuit Inc. up 13.85% gaining $164K
Steven is now all-in cash.

#2 Serge Amelyan: $1,301,345.54 up $158,338.56 +13.85%.
Sold 41,234 shares of Intuit Inc for a gain of $ 158,338.56.
All-in on Terra Industries.

#3 Stephen Luchko: $1,276,115.88 up $155,266.56 +13.85%.
Sold 40,434 share of Intuit Inc. for a gain of $155,266.56.
Sold 1 share of Marvell Technology Group at a loss of 0.49.
Bought 1 share of Fremont General,
Bought 25,481 shares of Monster Worldwide.

#4 Mary Williams: $1,261,463.79 up $89,936.46 +7.68%.
Sold 29,391 shares of Focus Media Holding Limited up 7.68% gaining $89K.
Bought 55,595 shares of Saks Inc.

#5 Nancy Beaumont: $1,233,985.47 up $12,474.06 +1.17%.
Sold Intuit making a $150,140.16 gain.
All-in on The9 Limited.

#6 Joseph Dondero: $1,173,746.80 up $10,435.96 +0.90%.
Sold 61,388 shares of Velcro Industries NV up 0.90% netting him $10K.
Bought 293,436 shares of Macronix International.

#7 Donald Tang: $ 1,157,647.30 up $82,534.32 +7.68%.
Sold 26,972 shares of Focus Media Holding Limited for a gain of $82,534.32.
All-in on Saks Inc.

#8 Shi Nisman: $1,146,366.43 up $139,480.32 +13.85%.
Sold 36,323 shares of Intuit up 13,85% making him $139K.
All-in on Trina Solar Limited.

#9 Vitaliy Khizder: $1,111,323.09 up $79,229.52 +7.68%.
Sold Focus Media making a $79,229.52 gain.
All-in on Monster Worldwide.

#10 Scott Cole: $1,107,036.41 down $32,855.48 -2.88%.
Sold 67,052 shares of Marvel Technologies losing $32,855.48.
All-in on TiVo INC.

Million Dollar Update
Million Dollar Update   

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