Closer Look: Portfolio Contest Finalist Kraber


James Kraber is a finalist in the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. He and 19 others are competing for the $1,000,000 prize--but time is running out. There's only 3 days left in the contest for someone to come up with a CNBC stock portfolio with the highest value. Here's a little more about James with the video piece that aired on CNBC today.

James is one of our contest weekly winners--and qualified for the finals bey doing so. He's from New York City. James is self employed as a market risk analyst--so he trades for business. He's currently in 19th place--so he has his work cut out for him. Here's his recent portfolio value and what he owns: James Kraber: $953,615.61 down $69,854.83 -6.83% on Tuesday.
Sold 64,087 shares of Gigamedia Limiteddown 6.83% Tuesday for a loss of almost $70K. He's all-in on Shanda Interactive Entertainment.

Million Dollar Portfolio Contender
Million Dollar Portfolio Contender   

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