It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Zimmer Holdings : “Do you mind if I say that we wait until it goes under $80 before we absolutely back up the truck?” Investors might want to take a small position now, then as the price drops, build up.

Mastercard : “Mastercard goes to $175 before it gets too expensive.” Cramer says not to worry about the Visa IPO. “We will deal with that when it comes time.”

Family Lightning Round
Family Lightning Round   

Yum! Brands : Yum! is still cheap, Cramer says, and he likes it to $75, which is when he recommends taking some off the table.

MSC Industrial Direct : Cramer thinks Reliance Steel is a better play here.

Weight Watchers : “Great secular growth. I’m sticking with it. Under $50, I’m backing up the truck.”

Trump Entertainment : “I think this company gets a bid, but I don’t think you get any money.” Sell, sell, sell!

Mediacom : “If I am going to recommend a cable company, I’m going to send you either to Time Warner or Comcast . I think Comcast is phenomenally undervalued here.” Mediacom is a bit speculative for Cramer right now.

eBay : A merger with Yahoo! is the only way Cramer can get behind this stock.

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