Taking Stokke of Allison

Allison Stokke 18-yr old Pole Vaulter
Allison Stokke 18-yr old Pole Vaulter

Many of you know of Allison Stokke by now. She's the 18-year-old high school pole vaulter who became an Internet phenomenonafter Matt Ufford at the popular blog With Leatherposted her picture.

Today, this high schooler has 840,000 Google hits -- the "Alison"

Allison Stokke ready to jump.
Allison Stokke ready to jump.

Stokke misspelling has 16,500 hits! -- and of course a "Allison Stokke Fans" MySpace page. While, we are counting, there is also 12 YouTube videos and there was the once Unofficial Allison Stokke Fan page that apparently has since been retired, though the host of the page has kept the site.

Anyway, there were rumors all over the Internet that Stokke will sign a marketing deal with Nike. Let's put this one to rest right now. Sources are telling me that this is "not even close" to being true. Many of the photos of Stokke competing feature her in Nike tank tops.

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