CNBC's Schacknow: Adding Value to The $54 Million Story

Tyler’s Tour de Force
Most of the time, it’s the story that makes the story. What do I mean by that? (I’m asked that question frighteningly often.)

Simply put, when we decide to use a reporter to report a breaking story -- it’s the story itself that determines whether it will get on, and how interested people will be in it.

"Dry Cleaner" Case   

But if you watched Tyler Mathisen’s report on the infamous $54 million dry-cleaning lawsuit, you’d know that as good as that story was, Tyler’s presentation of it added even more. But don’t believe me. Watch the video -- and you be the judge!

Sure, this wasn’t a story of world importance. But it did involve millions of dollars, a pair of temporarily lost pants, a mom-and-pop business, and a great deal of intrigue. A legitimate business story that fascinated a great many people. Including Tyler, apparently!