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  • ECB's Draghi Under Investigation     Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012 | 1:35 AM ET

    Does Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank chief, lack independence? As the EU's internal watchdog launched an investigation over his "Group of 30" membership, CNBC's Silvia Wadhwa asked whether he is fully independent.

  • QE in Europe: a Political U-Turn     Tuesday, 31 Jul 2012 | 1:00 AM ET

    "We're talking the ECB potentially doing Bank-of-England style QE at some point, so it's a very significant change," Stephen Gallo, FX strategist at Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, told CNBC. "From the FX perspective, currency-wise, this is the most difficult move towards easier monetary policy ever, it is tradable," but some forces are euro-positive and others could be very euro-negative, he said. "It's a balance between what peripheral countries need and what core countries need... but it also has a risk of potentially disrupting the an orderly political situation between North and South."

  • Last Call: Monday Monday, Cant Trust That Day Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 10:55 PM ET
    Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

    Ross Levinsohn leaves Yahoo; ManU get ready for IPO and more bad news on the corn crop as the drought worsens.

  • ECB Could Move on Securities Markets Program     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 8:13 PM ET

    Richard Jerram, Chief Economist, Bank of Singapore says after Mario Draghi's comments, there are now expectations for action from the ECB's policy meeting on Thursday.

  • ECB Likely to Disappoint on Thursday     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 7:30 PM ET

    Sean Callow, Senior Currency Strategist, Westpac Bank says that if the ECB cut rates on Thursday, then the euro might not be the currency you want to get into.

  • Europe Needs Stimulus Measures     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 7:20 PM ET

    Sean Darby, Global Head of Equity Strategy, Jefferies says that periphery nations in the Euro zone need stimulus measures to grow their way out of the current crisis.

  • US Economy Slowing, but Not Enough for QE     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 7:10 PM ET

    Sean Darby, Global Head of Equity Strategy, Jefferies says any action from the Fed or ECB will likely come only after September. He explains why.

  • Tomorrow in 30: All Eyes on the Economy     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 4:55 PM ET

    CNBC's Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera report Yahoo's Ross Levinsohn is leaving the company; and discussing what investors should keep an eye on in tomorrow's market, with Steve Rosen of Societe Generale.

  • Earnings Hit By Slower Global Growth     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 4:35 PM ET

    According to Key Bank, the majority of companies reporting earnings are coming up short on top-line sales estimates, with Nick Raich, Key Bank, and Chris Konstantinos, RiverFront Investment Group. "A deceleration is occurring across the world," says Raich.

  • How Many Euros Are In That Swiss Bank Account? Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 3:34 PM ET

    The Swiss National Bank is sitting on a pile of euros, and the size of that pile says a lot about where the euro is headed.

  • European Leaders Go On Holiday     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 3:14 PM ET

    It's summertime for Europe and nothing will stop its leaders from going on "holiday," not even the growing debt crisis. CNBC's Steve Liesman and Nile Gardiner, The Heritage Foundation, weigh in.

  • The 'All About Me' Trade     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 2:35 PM ET

    Stocks are sitting fairly flat today, and Peter Atwater, Financial Insyghts president and author of "Moods and Markets," explains why some investors may be feeling the "blues," as well as why we may have reached the end of "me, here, now" consumerism.

  • Geithner Meets German Counterpart     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 10:45 AM ET

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner met German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on the North Sea island of Sylt. CNBC's Steve Liesman has details on what was discussed.

  • British Youth Seek Farmland as Beef Prices Rise Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 8:24 AM ET
    Cows waiting to be milked

    British farmers tend not to be known for their cheeriness. But at the Melton Mowbray cattle market in England’s undulating green Midlands area, where cows, sheep, and chickens are traded, even the most taciturn farmers admit that their business is a good one to be in these days. The Christian Science Monitor reports.

  • Central bank meetings loom and Sweden is on a roll — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Business Leaders Put UK on Olympic Trial Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 6:22 AM ET
    It's a big world out there and gone are the days when investors could keep their money at home and take it to the bank. Experts say every portfolio should have some international exposure, from stocks to bonds to currencies, and in most cases the more diversified the better. So you can guy a piece of the UK, Russia, Thailand, Brazil and Australia. And there's no shortage of ways to travel abroad: mutual funds, ETFs, currencies, ADRs, American Depository Receipts, which are dollar-denominated sec

    The world’s top business leaders are using their visit to the London Olympics to raise tough questions about the coalition’s management of Britain’s stagnant economy and the country’s vulnerability to a euro break-up, the Financial Times reports.

  • Mitt Romney's Overseas Tour     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 6:21 AM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood reports on Mitt Romney's overseas tour and the 100-day countdown until the presidential election.

  • Leaders Vow to Support Euro     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 6:16 AM ET

    Julian Callow, Barclays chief European economist, discusses what action the ECB could take next to help support the euro area.

  • Global Markets Update: All Eyes on ECB     Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 6:10 AM ET

    CNBC's Kelly Evans reports on all the market moving events from Europe, including Angela Merkel and Mario Monti pledging to "do everything" to save the euro.

  • Schäuble View on Euro Zone at Odds With US Monday, 30 Jul 2012 | 5:46 AM ET

    Germany’s finance minister ruled out making more concessions to help Greece, on the eve of talks with U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who has urged euro zone leaders to act, the FT reports.

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  • Jan Dunning, CEO of St Petersburg-headquartered hypermarket chain Lenta, says the situation in Ukraine has had no impact on the group, as consumer confidence remains unaffected in Russia.

  • Vincent Deluard, European strategist at Ned Davis Research Group, says the strong euro is a problem for the region's companies, especially for the large exporters.

  • European shares closed higher on Thursday as investors brushed aside concerns regarding Ukraine and focused instead on Wall Street earnings and the latest U.S. jobs data.

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