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  • IRS Assault?     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 7:47 PM ET

    There is a report that thousands of new agents will be hired to bust down doors to hunt for Obamacare tax. Mark Matthews, former IRS Deputy Commissioner, offers insight.

  • 24 Hours After Health-Care Ruling     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 7:36 PM ET

    CNBC's John Harwood reports on the outstanding wave of donations to Mitt Romney's campaign since the health-care ruling yesterday; and Jonathan Cowan, Third Way; Todd Schnitt, The Schnitt Show; and Mark Simone, WABC radio talk show host, weigh in.

  • Colorado Fires Turn Deadly     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 7:25 PM ET

    The Colorado Springs fire is 25 percent contained, and Peter Madoff pleaded guilty to crimes that allowed his brother Bernie to run his ponzi scheme, reports CNBC's Brian Shactman. The Weather Channel's Chris Warren also reports on historic heat across the United States.

  • Do Markets Have It Wrong?     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 7:19 PM ET

    The markets are soaring on European euphoria, but is a rough landing ahead since the health-care ruling? Benjamin Sasse, former U.S. Health & Human Services assistant secretary, weighs in. "This is a closer outcome to the disaster outcome, of yesterday, than the markets are understanding," says Sasse.

  • What's Next for Europe?     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 7:15 PM ET

    A surprise agreement announced by the European leaders to help the region's struggling banks, with Jeffrey Frankel, Harvard University professor and National Bureau of Economic Research director.

  • First Half of Year Out With a Bang!     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 7:00 PM ET

    CNBC's Brian Shactman reports on today's market rally; and Stephen Weiss of Short Hills Capital and Zachary Karabell of River Twice Research, provide their perspective on the state of the markets.

  • Where the Euro Goes From Here Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 2:19 PM ET

    The euro is having a big day on the heels of the summit agreement - but this strategist is wary.

  • Is Europe's New Deal Enough?     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 1:36 PM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discusses Europe's new deal, and continued concerns for businesses with big international exposure, with Ricardo Salinas, Grupo Salinas chairman & CEO.

  • Note of Optimism from EU     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 1:04 PM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports the latest details on the agreement reached at the EU Summit.

  • Cashin: Why I'm Waiting Until Monday ...     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 1:02 PM ET

    Art Cashin of UBS talks with Sue Herera about the sustainability of today's stock market rally and why he thinks the situation in Europe will be much clearer on Monday.

  • Risk-On Rally     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 10:55 AM ET

    Markets are moving sharply this morning following the EU Summit. What do these big moves mean? David Spika, Westwood Funds, weighs in.

  • EU Summit Pushing Markets Higher     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 9:00 AM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera offers the latest from the EU Summit.

  • Summit progress lifts the euro and the Bank of England talks tough — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Finding Footing in Financials     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 7:10 AM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera offers insight on developments in the euro zone crisis. Meanwhile the banking sector continues to face headwinds, with some saying that earnings growth for the industry will remain subdued for some time to come, with Kelly King, BB&T chairman & CEO, and Chris Whalen, Tangent Capital.

  • Guy Wolf, Marex Spectron, says the EU never gained a democratic mandate, and adds that the debt crisis will not pass for another 20 years.

  • EU Summit: Action or Nein!     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 6:36 AM ET

    European leaders are convening in Brussels today for the second day of the EU Summit, with Guy Wolf, Marex Spectron.

  • European Markets Rise     Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 6:10 AM ET

    European equities opened the last day of the week positively, responding to decisions made at the EU Summit, with CNBC's Kelly Evans.

  • Spain Wins Restructuring of Bank Deal Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 3:20 AM ET

    Euro zone leaders agreed to radically restructure Spain’s 100 bilion euros ($125.9 billion) bank recapitalisation plan, allowing EU bailout funds to eventually be injected directly into teetering Spanish financial institutions, meaning Madrid can sweep the burden of the bailouts off its sovereign books.

  • Banks Fear for Second Half as Deals Fall Friday, 29 Jun 2012 | 1:52 AM ET

    Global investment banks are bracing themselves for a dismal second half, with further cuts in costs and staff, after a sharp drop in dealmaking and capital markets activity pushed down fees in the second quarter to their worst level in three year, the Financial Times reports.

  • Jim Rogers

    Even as markets cheered the agreement by European leaders to allow the direct use of the bloc’s bailout funds to recapitalize struggling banks, well-known investor Jim Rogers told CNBC the move does nothing to help solve the region’s biggest problem, which is its high debt levels.

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  • Jan Dunning, CEO of St Petersburg-headquartered hypermarket chain Lenta, says the situation in Ukraine has had no impact on the group, as consumer confidence remains unaffected in Russia.

  • Vincent Deluard, European strategist at Ned Davis Research Group, says the strong euro is a problem for the region's companies, especially for the large exporters.

  • European shares closed higher on Thursday as investors brushed aside concerns regarding Ukraine and focused instead on Wall Street earnings and the latest U.S. jobs data.

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