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  • Monetary Policy Isn't Going to Do Anything     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 6:35 PM ET

    Jeff Miron, Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Harvard University says there's a growing sense that monetary policy is not going to do anything to improve economies of the U.S. and Europe.

  • Euro to Hit 1.20 vs Dollar: Trader     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 6:20 PM ET

    Ben Lichtenstein, President, Tradersaudio.com says that we will see continued dollar strength and that there is a lot of pressure on the Euro. Financial markets haven't seen the "worst of it", he said.

  • The Sky is Not Falling on The Euro Zone Yet     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 6:10 PM ET

    Ben Lichtenstein, President, Tradersaudio.com says that the Euro has been trading sideways and that there is little chance for any coordinated central bank action.

  • Top Trades If the Euro Zone Sticks Together     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 5:40 PM ET

    Natural gas is spiking 7% today, with Jeff Kilburg, Kilburg Capital; and discussing top trades tied to the latest regime changes in Europe, with Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge. Also, Amelia Bourdeau, Westpac Institutional Bank, offers insight on how to trade the sliding euro.

  • The Long View on the Euro Zone Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 4:06 PM ET

    Looking past the immediate implications of the Greek election, this strategist still sees plenty of reasons for concern for the euro.

  • Wall Street Not in a Buying Mood?     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 3:51 PM ET

    A pro-euro zone win in Greece did little to get Wall Street in a buying mood. Sam Stovall, S&P, and Brian Belski, BMO Capital Markets, discuss what's next.

  • We Need to End Greek ‘Drama’: Ex-Prime Minister Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 1:24 PM ET
    The former Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou

    The "drama" in Greece has to end for the sake of Greece itself and the euro zone, George Papandreou, former Prime Minister of the country, told CNBC Monday.

  • Power Player: Navigating Euro Zone Fears     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 1:21 PM ET

    Spanish 10-year bond yields are well above 7%, so how should investors navigate the global markets? Katie Nixon, Northern Trust Private Client CIO, offers insight.

  • Next Step: Building a Coalition     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 1:17 PM ET

    The pro-bailout party has won the Greek election and is now working to build a coalition. Somebody may actually be running Greece by the end of this week, reports CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

  • The Other Event Risks for the Euro Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 12:47 PM ET

    The euro's upward move on the outcome of the Greek election was short lived, to say the least. Time to look elsewhere for a trade.

  • Fitch Ratings on Greek Elections     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 11:45 AM ET

    David Riley, Fitch Ratings, explains why he thinks the outcome of the Greek general elections "delayed the crisis rather than resolved it."

  • George Papandreou, former prime minister of Greece, discusses the results of Sunday's election, Greece's decision to stay with the euro, and the implementation of the austerity plan, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.

  • Have the Greeks Done Us a Favor? Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 10:39 AM ET
    Greek and EU Flags

    Greece's current chapter offers us a valuable lesson into the impact of democracy in action, writes Robert Diamond of Fernbrook Partners. What are the other lessons learned?

  • Greek Relief Rally Fades, G20 Summit Looms Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 8:11 AM ET

    The euro gives back gains as post-election euphoria fades, and risk-on currencies follow — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Is it Time for the Fed to Take Action?     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 7:20 AM ET

    Julian Callow, Barclays chief European economist, discusses the impact of Greek's election results on global markets, Fed policy and central bank action, Spanish bond yields, and investor anxiety.

  • Greece Votes 'Yes' to Euro     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 7:04 AM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports the winner of Greece's election, Antonis Samaras vows to honor bailout commitments, but allow time to orient growth policies. John Kornblum, former US Ambassador to Germany, explains why the European financial crisis is far from over, saying the "hardest part is yet to come."

  • Chasing Returns Amid a Return of Uncertainty Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 6:45 AM ET

    Fear, uncertainty, volatility. Investors on the sidelines have been stuck with a shaky three-legged stool of late. What lies ahead may not be any less unsettling. Nevertheless, investors would like to move forward — and move up in the world of investment returns.

  • No Greek Exit from Euro, For Now     Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 6:30 AM ET

    Joseph Weisenthal, Business Insider deputy editor, provides perspective on Greek election results, and discusses the labor and structural reforms needed to avert an economic crisis.

  • CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports on the fallout from Greece's New Democracy party win on Sunday, and a look at European market reaction to the Greek elections and discussing whether the central banks & Fed will intervene, with CNBC's Kelly Evans and Steve Liesman.

  • Emigrating Greeks Prove the EU Is Working Monday, 18 Jun 2012 | 4:40 AM ET

    Spiraling unemployment, biting austerity measures and political uncertainty have led to an upsurge in Greeks quitting the country for sunnier economic climes.

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  • Jan Dunning, CEO of St Petersburg-headquartered hypermarket chain Lenta, says the situation in Ukraine has had no impact on the group, as consumer confidence remains unaffected in Russia.

  • Vincent Deluard, European strategist at Ned Davis Research Group, says the strong euro is a problem for the region's companies, especially for the large exporters.

  • European shares closed higher on Thursday as investors brushed aside concerns regarding Ukraine and focused instead on Wall Street earnings and the latest U.S. jobs data.

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