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  • U.S. futures are mixed this morning. In Europe, the markets respond to Italy's 9 billion euro, 6-month Treasury bill auction -- the average yield is set at 3.251 percent. Italy plans to auction 8.5 billion euros in 3- and 10-year bonds Thursday. The German 2-year Shatz yield hits a record low. Very thin trading in Asia, as investors search for bargains. Most Asian stocks drop on European debt concerns. And China shares are flat after reversing earlier losses.

  • Italian Bond Auction to Go 'Reasonably Well'     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 7:10 PM ET

    Christian Carrillo, Head of Asia-Pacific Interest Rate Strategy at Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, says the Italian 3-year bond auction, not the 10-year bond, will go "reasonably well" despite the existing volatility.

  • Predictions for Europe in 2012     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 4:15 PM ET

    The European debt crisis has lasted through much of 2011, and CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera breaks down her predictions for whether a rescue will be made in 2012. Also, Wasif Latif, United-ICAP chief technical analyst and Walter Zimmerman, United ICAP technical analyst weigh in.

  • Investing Edge: Will Greece Leave the Euro?     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 1:26 PM ET

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera makes a prediction on whether Greece will leave the euro next year.

  • Money in Motion: Buy Euro, Sell Dollar     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 12:48 PM ET

    Sharing perspective on tactical trades, with Willie Williams, Societe Generale director of institutional derivative sales.

  • Kass: Market to Hit All-Time High in 2012     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 12:39 PM ET

    Discussing market predictions for the new year, with Douglas Kass, Seabreeze Partners founder.

  • Global Markets Update: Italian Bond Yields Rise     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 11:28 AM ET

    Yield on the Italian 10-Year is up some 7% ahead of Thursday's bond auction, with CNBC's Melissa Lee, Bob Pisani & Carl Quintanilla.

  • Investing in Europe in 2012     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 8:18 AM ET

    Predictions out of Europe for the new year, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who says Greece will trigger a credit event in 2012.

  • Global Economic Forecast for 2012     Tuesday, 27 Dec 2011 | 8:03 AM ET

    It is going to be a very complex year across the board, says Roger Altman, Evercore Partners, who adds that the U.S. will see slow growth in areas of employment and enormous risk and volatility posed by Europe, and some developing uncertainties on China's growth.

  • U.S. futures are mixed early, following the holiday. Europe is slightly up on very thin trading. Italy prepares to auction 8.5 billion euros in bonds on Thursday. The Shanghai Composite is off 22 percent this year. And the euro is just above its 11-year low against the dollar.

  • U.S. futures trading will resume at 6am after the holiday. The U.K. market is closed today. Italy plans to auction 8.5 billion euros worth of bonds this week. The euro holds above its 11-month low. Asian markets post losses in thin trade as investors await U.S. data. The Shanghai Composite hits a three-year low on liquidity worries. And the Nikkei-225 is on track for double-digit losses for the year.

  • No 'Dramatic' Solution for Euro Zone Crisis     Monday, 26 Dec 2011 | 6:20 PM ET

    Tony Nash, Managing Director, IHS Global Services, says the market is forcing a solution by pushing politicians to act, but there will be no dramatic solutions to the euro zone crisis.

  • Tony Nash, Managing Director, IHS Global Services says Japan, together with the U.S., has criticized euro zone leaders for not having the ECB as the "backstop for all sovereign debt." He adds that the first half of next year will be rough for Europe, China and the U.S.

  • Did Santa Deliver an Economic Rebound?     Friday, 23 Dec 2011 | 3:33 PM ET

    A four day winning streak for stocks and reports are showing recent improvement in the job and the housing market. Sharing defensive predictions for 2012, with David Darst, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and James Lowell, Adviser Investments.

  • CNBC's Rick Santelli reports yields on 2-year Treasury notes moving up 0.286%, and the 10-year notes are up 2.024%.

  • The Risk Trade and Pops & Drops     Friday, 23 Dec 2011 | 12:33 PM ET

    Sharing insight into recent weakness in the Swiss franc and strength in commodity plays like the Australian dollar, with George David, RBC Capital Markets. Also, the FMHR traders report pops and drops in today's market.

  • The global markets. European stocks rise to a two-week high, although volume is extremely light heading into the holiday. Moody's keeps Austria's AAA rating with a stable outlook. Ten-year Italian bonds remain near 7 percent -- Italy will hold a series of bond auctions next week. Greece must decide whether it will take a 70- or 50-percent haircut. And a decision on European downgrades will come in January, according to S&P. With Dan Greenhaus, BTIG chief global strategist, and Stephen Weiss, Short Hill Cap

  • Signs of Hope for Europe?     Friday, 23 Dec 2011 | 7:45 AM ET

    Mark Mobius, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, discusses why Europe could emerge out of its debt crisis by June, 2012.

  • U.S. futures are up the last trading day before Christmas and a day after the House agrees to accept Senate terms on the payroll tax cut. In Europe, the markets rally into the holidays. The euro is slightly up against the dollar.

  • In the U.S. the payroll tax standoff ends. Futures are up moderately on light trading. In Europe, the markets are up slightly, as well. Meanwhile, in Asia, trading was light as the markets were mostly up on U.S. growth hopes.

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  • Tomas Fiala, CEO of Dragon Capital, comments on the day's events in Ukraine, which include the resignation of the Ukrainian prime minister.

  • Europe is at risk of terrorist attacks as "hundreds" of fighters in Syria hold Western passports, say Torbjorn Soltveldt, principal MENA analyst at Maplecroft, following the Norwegian terror attack warning.

  • Alan Brown, senior adviser at Schroders, discusses high-frequency trading and regulation, as Barclays files to dismiss the U.S. suit against its dark pool trading.