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  • The Roadmap: Jobs, Europe & Top Stocks     Friday, 6 Jan 2012 | 9:00 AM ET

    The Squawk on the Street team breaks down today's market moving headlines, including the December employment report, worrisome data in Europe, and some big calls on Dow components.

  • A check on the dollar and whether it will head higher as Europe is an issue back on investors' minds; insight on the tensions in Iran driving oil prices higher, with and discussing why investors are holding on to the metals space, with Nick Bennenbroek, Wells Fargo, Tom O'Brien, The Gold Report; Peter Beutel, CameronHanover.com,.

  • European Stocks Higher     Friday, 6 Jan 2012 | 6:15 AM ET

    European stocks are higher ahead of the U.S. jobs report. Insight on how the European markets are faring, with CNBC's Ross Westgate.

  • Global Markets Update: Euro Bank Shares Slump     Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 11:28 AM ET

    European bank shares slump on concerns about capital raising abilities, with CNBC's Simon Hobbs & Carl Quintanilla.

  • European shares are lower on concerns over bank capital raising. Unicredit prices rights issue at substantial discount. Overnight deposits at the ECB hit record high of 453 billion euros. Yields fall at German and Portuguese debt auctions. And Germany's Merkel is scheduled to meet with Italy's Monti next Wednesday. With Joyce Selander, author and first woman to physically trade financial futures in the pits at CBOT.

  • Goldman Sachs Strategist Economic Forecast     Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 11:10 AM ET

    Sharing analysis on what the economic picture will look like in 2012, with David Kostin, Goldman Sachs chief U.S. equity strategist.

  • Euro Zone Sentiment Trade     Wednesday, 4 Jan 2012 | 10:23 AM ET

    Strategies to play this month's macro themes, including the euro zone's struggles, with Camilla Sutton, Scotia Capital chief currency strategist.

  • Germany holds its auction on its top ten-year bund, reports CNBC's Ross Westgate, and European stocks move lower as retailers weigh on the markets.

  • Global Markets: U.S. Stocks Open 2012 Strong     Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 | 11:40 AM ET

    CNBC's Mandy Drury reports U.S. stocks are up across the board. Strong global economic reports are driving the markets. Germany's jobless rate was its lowest since re-unification, and U.S. manufacturing expanded at its fastest level in 6 months. Chinese manufacturing data was up, as well. Material and energy stocks are among the day's leaders. And BP challenges Halliburton court request on the Gulf oil spill.

  • Greece says if it doesn't get a second bailout, it might have to leave the euro zone. Markets elsewhere in Europe are up on the day, led by mining stocks. Spanish stocks drop after news of a higher than expected deficit for 2011. German unemployment falls to its lowest level since re-unification. France says it will raise sales taxes again ahead of the country's April presidential vote. And France and Germany announce Sarkozy and Merkel will meet January 9th in Berlin.

  • The Roadmap: New Year, New Calls?     Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 | 9:00 AM ET

    The Squawk on the Street news team discuss today's market moving headlines, including the Iowa caucus, a possible new Apple event and whether natural gas will become a true vehicle fuel.

  • The Risks to Watch in 2012     Tuesday, 3 Jan 2012 | 7:34 AM ET

    Investors will be watching what politicians moves will be this year, says Ian Bremmer, The Eurasia Group president , "Top Risks for 2012" report author, who adds that despite the fact numbers will be better in 2012, there still will not be a flood of liquidity coming in.

  • U.S. futures open the New Year up. In Europe, the debt crisis still overhangs, although the markets open the year up, boosted by strong economic data. German unemployment drops to its lowest level since 1991. Bond yields in Europe are slightly higher on the day as Italy and Spain will resume selling next week. The euro remains under pressure, even though it's up slightly on the day.

  • U.S. futures are closed until 6am this morning. In Europe, markets are lifted by mining stocks. UK manufacturing PMI rises to 49.6 percent. The German jobless rate hits a record low, while the euro is back over $1.30. Asian markets rally on strong PMI data from China. Japan and Shanghai markets are closed today for the New Year's holiday.

  • 2012 Economic Horoscope     Friday, 30 Dec 2011 | 4:32 PM ET

    Concerns over the European debt crisis and jobless claims headed into 2012, Robert Brusca, Fact and Opinion Economics chief economist and Andrew Root, Macquarie Group head of U.S. research weigh in on what investors can expect from the new year.

  • Final 2011 Trade: Market is Cheap     Friday, 30 Dec 2011 | 1:18 PM ET

    Sharing investor advice as the Dow and the S&P are on track to end positively and the Nasdaq is poised to close on the negative side, with Jerry Castellini, CastleArk Management and Scott Wren, Wells Fargo Advisors. "We now have a market that is substantially cheaper than it has been, really almost ever," says Castellini.

  • Money in Motion: The Euro Taking a Move     Friday, 30 Dec 2011 | 12:37 PM ET

    Sharing insight into currencies and how the euro is faring, with Macneil Curry, Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • European shares are mostly higher in the year's final trading day, but finish the year with their biggest annual losses since 2008, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Bob Pisani & Carl Quintanilla.

  • Santelli's Morning Buzz     Friday, 30 Dec 2011 | 11:22 AM ET

    Weighing in on the markets, with Yra Harris, Praxis Trading; Frank Lesh, futurepath Trading; and CNBC's Rick Santelli.

  • 2012 Election & Economic Forecast     Friday, 30 Dec 2011 | 6:10 AM ET

    Looking ahead of the issues investors will be watching in the year to come, and insight on whether Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate facing off with Barack Obama, with Ben White, Politico Wall Street correspondent & "Morning Money" author and Boris Schlossberg, GFT Forex.

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