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  • Supporters of Egypt protesters demonstrate at Piazza della Republica (Republic's square) in Rome on January 31, 2011. European Union foreign ministers on Monday called on Egypt to embark on an 'orderly transition' leading the way to 'free and fair elections.' Some 100 people took part in the demonstration in Rome.

    They toppled a pharaoh, but now the small circle of liberals, leftists and Islamists who orchestrated Egypt’s revolution say they realize they failed to uproot the networks of power that Hosni Mubarak nurtured for nearly three decades, the New York Times reports.

  • Greece Sinks Into Despair Ahead of Elections Friday, 15 Jun 2012 | 2:15 AM ET

    “We are moving from being a Western country to a poor country,” George Protopapas, national director of international charity SOS Children’s Villages, told CNBC.

  • Merkel Stresses Limits to Germany’s Strength Friday, 15 Jun 2012 | 1:43 AM ET
    The German chancellor will open the forum in Switzerland. During Europe’s debt crisis, Merkel has emerged as a powerful figure. No doubt she’ll continue to be much watched at Davos. European leaders on Jan. 14 promised to expedite plans to strengthen spending rules and get a permanent bailout fund established, after Standard & Poor’s of several euro zone countries' creditworthiness.

    Europe’s currency union may be inching ever closer to the brink of collapse, but Chancellor Angela Merkel has a message for those pressing her to ride to the rescue: Germany is not as strong as it looks, and certainly not strong enough to prop up the rest of Europe, the New York Times report.

  • Last Call: Greek Election Day Draws Near Friday, 15 Jun 2012 | 1:39 AM ET

    The markets jump on reports central banks are putting plans in place to prepare for the Greek elections; UK bankers say they will take whatever steps necessary to protect their currency; the video game industry continues its free fall; Allen Stanford is sentenced to 110 years in jail.

  • Central Bankers Brace for Euro Break-Up Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 7:53 PM ET
    EU building flags brussels

    At least one country will leave the eurozone in the next five years, according to a survey of central bank reserve managers who collectively control more than $8,000 billion. The FT reports.

  • Impact of Global Central Bank Action  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 7:49 PM ET

    Randy Kroszner, Professor Of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business and also Former Federal Reserve Governor, says that coordinated global central bank action makes sense.

  • Foreign Exchange Prices Should be Market Driven  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 7:30 PM ET

    Michael Woolfolk, MD & Senior Currency Strategist, BNY Mellon says that foreign exchange prices should be market driven.

  • ECB Action Not Needed  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 7:10 PM ET

    Will Oswald, Global Head of FICC Research, Standard Chartered Bank says that funding markets right now are not signalling that there's a need for any action from the ECB.

  • EU Bank Crisis Isn't a Lehman-Type Event  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 6:52 PM ET

    Don Luskin, Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macro says a banking failure in Europe will not be a Lehman-type event because nobody will lose money from it.

  • Cramer Finds CEOs Questioning Impact of EU Debt Crisis Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 6:49 PM ET
    Jim Cramer

    Many CEOs are now asking how Europe’s debt woes will actually impact their business, Cramer said.

  • Greek Election will Yield a Hung Parliament  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 6:37 PM ET

    Peter Morici, Professor, Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland says central banks are preparing for the Greek election to result in a hung parliament.

  • Pressure For Reforms Has to be Kept on The EU  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 6:20 PM ET

    Don Luskin, Chief Investment Officer at Trend Macro says pressure has to be kept on the Europe so that countries there would undertake reform.

  • Tomorrow in 30: Europe, Volatility & Economic Data  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 4:54 PM ET

    Should investors expect more wild action in tomorrow's market? Chad Morganlander, Stifel Nicolaus; John Spallanzani, GFI Group; and Rick Fier, Conifer Securities, share their opinions.

  • CalPERS: Fighting for Returns  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 4:40 PM ET

    A big day for the markets, but is this rally for real? Joe Dear, CalPERS CIO, weighs in. "[Markets] are in a pessimistic phase, we will work through the credit excess, and then we will be in a more optimistic phase," says Dear.

  • CNBC's Steve Liesman and the "Closing Bell" crew discuss Bank of England's Mervyn King making definitive remarks on policies that could come from the Bank of England.

  • Is Risk Aversion History? Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 3:53 PM ET
    Bull Market

    Economic reports are dicey and Greek elections are looming, but this strategist thinks it's time to put risk on.

  • A Global Recession? The Warning Signs Are Everywhere Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 3:41 PM ET
  • Markets Pop on 'Hope' of Central Banks' Intervention  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 3:41 PM ET

    What's behind the market's afternoon pop? Omar Aguilar, Charles Schwab Investment Management; Anthony Chan, JPMorgan Private Bank; and Stephanie Link, TheStreet, weigh in.

  • Greek-Americans Sound Off  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 3:00 PM ET

    CNBC hits the streets of Astoria, Queens in New York City - a neighborhood which has one of the largest Greek populations outside of Greece - to get the latest on-the-ground reaction to the financial crisis in Greece.

  • Closing Countdown: Advice for the Individual Investor  Thursday, 14 Jun 2012 | 3:00 PM ET

    Where should investors go for returns in the market right now? Omar Aguilar, Charles Schwab Investments Management and Matt Cheslock, Virtu Financials, offer insight.

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