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  • Shanghai suffers hottest July in more than 100 years Wednesday, 31 Jul 2013 | 10:08 PM ET
    Thousands of people escape the heat and enjoy the water at the Chinese Dead Sea tourist resort as the temperature reaches 38 degrees celsius on July 28, 2013 in Suining, China.

    A deadly persistent heat wave sweeping southern China has led authorities to issue the first-ever, second-highest heat alert across the country, according to local media reports.

  • Dying out? China's young shun family business Wednesday, 31 Jul 2013 | 8:05 PM ET

    As China's first-generation entrepreneurs hit retirement age, more than 3 million private businesses will have to deal with succession issues in the next 3-8 years.

  • Once leading handset maker exits smartphone business Wednesday, 31 Jul 2013 | 8:00 PM ET

    NEC said that it would quit making smartphones, acknowledging that it had lost sight of the development of mobile technology. The New York Times reports.

  • Vancouver Olympic silver medallist Mao Asada

    Tokyo is one of three cities in the running to host the 2020 Olympic Games and there are a number of Japanese stocks that could do well if Tokyo wins the bid.

  • The stock market that's on 'fire' Wednesday, 31 Jul 2013 | 7:37 AM ET

    Stellar gains in Australia's benchmark stock index have taken traders by surprise this month and analysts say the market finally appears to be reacting to a weak Australian dollar.

  • As the world turns, BRICs no longer a slam dunk Wednesday, 31 Jul 2013 | 3:57 AM ET

    The tables appear to have "flipped" for BRIC nations, analysts say, with one market watcher predicting a recession for the economies once famous for their fast growth.

  • Chinese mystic draws fury from Communist Party Wednesday, 31 Jul 2013 | 3:45 AM ET

    The Communist Party has accused qigong exponent Wang Lin, who has fled to Hong Kong, of using superstition to draw in gullible citizens and officials. The New York Times reports.

  • Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is the "biggest victim" of the intensifying battle in the premium handset space, and there could be little scope for it to stage a turnaround.

  • Macau tycoon David Chow aims to return to the spotlight of the world's largest gambling hub with a new casino resort boasting an opera house and dinosaur museum.

  • Japan's robots eye autos to take up smartphone slack Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 8:49 PM ET
    Arm robots assemble parts at Nissan Motor's Tochigi Plant in Japan.

    As the breakneck growth in the global smartphone market eases, Japanese companies that make the robots that build the phones are looking to automakers to take up the slack.

  • Fukushima clean-up turns toxic for Japan's Tepco Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 8:47 PM ET
    One of Tokyo Electric Power's (TEPCO) nuclear power plants.

    Two and a half years after the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, the operator of Japan's wrecked Fukushima plant faces a daunting array of unknowns.

  • Here's another reason to avoid Japanese stocks Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 8:25 PM ET

    Growing uncertainty about a rise in Japan's consumption tax could be one more reason to stay away from the benchmark Nikkei stock index, analysts said.

  • With OPEC of Potash in jeopardy, BHP faces dilemma Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 7:40 PM ET

    Miner BHP Billiton's new boss is facing his biggest test as he weighs the fate of a $14 billion Canadian potash project just as the collapse of a dominant potash cartel.

  • More pain for Chinese factories? Official PMI due Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 7:02 PM ET

    China's official manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI), due out Thursday, is expected to show factory activity contracted for the first time in 10 months.

  • Here’s what could really knock the yen back down Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 7:01 PM ET

    As Japan's yen continued to strengthen against the dollar this week, some analysts suggested that further monetary stimulus was needed to push it back down.

  • China's growth plan 'pretty persuasive': O'Neill Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 9:21 AM ET
    Jim O'Neill, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management

    Just back from China, renowned economist Jim O'Neill told CNBC that the "incessant focus" on whether the Chinese GDP numbers are accurate "seems to be misplaced."

  • Is India's rupee back in the danger zone? Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 7:45 AM ET

    India's central bank has spent the last few weeks making a concerted effort to prop up the battered rupee, but its latest rhetoric may have already undone that hard work with the currency back within sight of record lows against the dollar.

  • Bitcoin banned: Country outlaws virtual currency Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 6:20 AM ET

    Virtual currency bitcoin has been banned in Thailand, according to a prominent bitcoin exchange that operates in the Southeast Asian country.

  • How low must Aussie go before the RBA backs off? Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 5:35 AM ET

    Dovish comments from the RBA led to a big slide in the Australian dollar and now market watchers are wondering how low the currency needs to go before the RBA eases up on talking it down.

  • Is Asia poised for a sharp slowdown? Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013 | 3:53 AM ET

    Pessimism about China's economy and uncertainty about Japan's attempts to end two decades of economic stagnation are reflecting growing concerns about these Asian countries.

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