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  • Singapore’s Lessons for an Unequal America Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 3:25 AM ET

    Economist Joseph Stiglitz says global economies can learn from Singapore's model of social equity. The New York Times reports.

  • Power Still Out at Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 3:04 AM ET

    Four fuel storage pools at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant have been without fresh cooling water for more than 15 hours due to a power outage.

  • CCTV Script 19/03/13 Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 2:59 AM ET

    This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on March 19, Tuesday.

  • India Cuts Rates, Experts Say So What? Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 2:48 AM ET
    Indian Rupees

    The Reserve Bank of India lowered its key policy rate for the second time this year on Tuesday, but will the central bank's latest move succeed in helping revive growth in Asia's third largest economy?

  • RBI Cuts Rate by 25 Bps     Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 1:30 AM ET

    PK Basu, MD & Head of Asia Research & Economics at Maybank Kim Eng thinks India's current account will improve in the current quarter and there is room for further rate cuts. Richard Martin, Managing Director at IMA Asia joins in the conversation as the RBI decision breaks.

  • Southeast Asian Markets Stand Out     Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013 | 1:08 AM ET

    Richard Martin, Managing Director at IMA Asia makes a case for investing in Southeast Asian markets.

  • Hungover European Sales Affecting Diageo: CEO     Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 10:35 PM ET

    CNBC's Adam Bakhtiar caught up with Paul Walsh, CEO of Diageo, and asked about how European sales are affecting the world's biggest distiller.

  • Michael Raska, of Nanyang Technological University evaluates what Singapore's plan to buy F-35 Fighter Jets means for the local economy.

  • CNBC's Kelly Evans reports euro zone concerns have resurfaced on news of a proposal that would tax depositors.

  • China Showing Symptoms of Financial Crisis: Report Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 4:08 AM ET

    Economists at Nomura sounded a warning that China is exhibiting the same symptoms that triggered the 2008 financial crisis.

  • Cyprus Bailout Crisis Slams Brakes on Risk-On Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 3:42 AM ET
    A trader looks at a display board showing information on the stock index, at the Madrid Stock Exchange in Madrid, Spain.

    Global markets traded lower and the euro hit a three-month low against the dollar as the decision by the euro zone to force bank depositors in Cyprus to contribute towards a bailout provided a stark reality check for investors.

  • CCTV Script 18/03/13 Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 2:00 AM ET

    This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on March 18, Monday.

  • Taming China's Home Prices     Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 1:35 AM ET

    Du Jinsong, Head of Asia Property Research at Credit Suisse says expect more measures to tame China's home prices but wonders whether they will actually be effective.

  • Should the Cyprus Deposit Levy Be Scrapped? Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 1:28 AM ET

    Do you think the deposit levy should be scrapped?

  • Six Arrested for Gang-Raping Swiss Tourist in India Monday, 18 Mar 2013 | 12:33 AM ET
    In this photograph taken on March 16, 2013, an Indian security official looks over the site where a Swiss woman was raped the night before near Gwalior, 342 kilometres from the state capital Bhopal.

    Police have arrested six men accused of the gang-rape of a Swiss tourist who was camping with her husband in a forest in Madhya Pradesh. All the accused will go before a magistrate on Monday.

  • China Becomes World's Fifth Largest Arms Exporter Sunday, 17 Mar 2013 | 11:53 PM ET

    China has bypassed Britain as the world's fifth largest arms exporter, a Swedish think-tank said Monday.

  • Singapore February Exports Fall Sharply Sunday, 17 Mar 2013 | 9:46 PM ET
    Empty container ships on The Straits of Singapore.

    Singapore's exports plunged far more than expected in February from a year earlier, hurt by a sharp drop in shipments of pharmaceuticals and oil rigs in the Lunar New Year holiday lull.

  • Would You Pay a Tax on Savings for a State Bailout? Sunday, 17 Mar 2013 | 8:25 PM ET

    Would you agree to a 9.9% levy on your money for a sovereign bailout?

  • The Delay of China's 'Shale Gas Revolution'     Sunday, 17 Mar 2013 | 7:40 PM ET

    Scott Darling, Head of Oil & Gas Sector Research at Barclays gives his top picks in China's oil & gas sector and warns that the nation's shale gas revolution might be running late by almost a decade.

  • Pacific Trade Pact Calls for Tough Japan Reforms Friday, 15 Mar 2013 | 9:12 AM ET
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

    Prime Minister Shinzo said Japan will join talks on a Pacific trade pact that would open up protected industries.

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