• Tech Titans Tune-up     Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011 | 1:40 PM ET

    Facebook's highly anticipated developer conference, or F8, kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow. Meanwhile, Google is up on Capitol Hill this afternoon, with CNBC's Jon Fortt, and Brian Cooley, CNET.com.

  • HP Board Replacing CEO?     Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011 | 11:50 AM ET

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan has the story on whether Hewlett-Packard's board will replace Leo Apotheker, and the impact on the stock.

  • Oracle Beats Street, Big Sigh of Relief     Wednesday, 21 Sep 2011 | 6:22 AM ET

    Oracle's numbers shows that businesses are still buying software, says Joel Fishbein, Lazard Capital Markets managing director/senior technology analyst, who adds that Oracle seems to be bucking the trend and even in bad times businesses are buying software to improve productivity.

  • First Indicators of the Tech Season     Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011 | 10:46 AM ET

    A preview of what to expect from tech leaders, Apple, Oracle and Adobe over the next six months, with CNBC's Jon Fortt.

  • Beaten Down Chip Stocks a Buy: Analyst Monday, 19 Sep 2011 | 7:47 PM ET
    Steven Pelayo of HSBC says chipmakers like TSMC are good buy now, because their stocks have already priced in unstable market conditions.

    Chip firms are seen as a bellwether of the global economy, and shares of the major semiconductor manufacturers such as TSMC, UMC and ASE have fallen around 40 percent from their peaks earlier this year. The companies have been cutting their earnings forecasts as sales have slowed. But one analyst says the markets have already discounted the bleak growth and investors should now buy these stocks.

  • A Channel Woos the Man With Spare Cash for Toys Monday, 19 Sep 2011 | 11:33 AM ET

    When Discovery Communications set out to reformat HD Theater, the nine-year-old home of high-definition documentaries, its executives assessed the crowded cable programming landscape and asked what was missing — where there was “white space,” as one later put it. The New York Times reports.

  • Scrutinizing Google’s Reign Monday, 19 Sep 2011 | 11:28 AM ET

    Google’s slogan may be don’t be evil, but a growing chorus of antitrust regulators in the United States and Europe want to know if the company has lived up to that creed. The New York Times reports.

  • Sector Winners & Losers     Friday, 16 Sep 2011 | 3:43 PM ET

    CNBC's Brian Shactman reports on today's winning and losing sectors.

  • The Hot File: Tech Superheroes     Friday, 16 Sep 2011 | 1:40 PM ET

    CNBC's Jon Fortt, Kayla Tausche, and John Carney, CNBC.com weigh in on the hottest tech stories of the day regarding Yahoo, Google and tablet wars.

  • Tech Titans: Chegg.com & Zinch.com     Thursday, 15 Sep 2011 | 4:43 PM ET

    CNBC's Jon Fortt reports an update from Chegg.com, a company that rents textbooks to students at a fraction of what it costs to buy them.

  • Netflix Shares Reversing     Thursday, 15 Sep 2011 | 11:13 AM ET

    Netflix customers have become accustomed to affordable subscription prices, but sales have dropped off nearly 13 percent since the company decided to charge 60 percent more. CNBC's Jon Fortt has the details.

  • AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft Reportedly in Ad Deal Thursday, 15 Sep 2011 | 11:10 AM ET

    Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft, three major technology companies that have traditionally competed for digital advertising revenue, have created an unusual partnership in which they will sell ads for one another. The New York Times reports.

  • The Perfect Hedge: How to Trade Volatility Thursday, 15 Sep 2011 | 5:24 AM ET

    Trading volatility as an asset class — that is, speculating on the frequency of market movements — is a seriously complex undertaking, so much so that some fund managers who specialize in it struggle to explain it to even sophisticated institutional investors.

  • Tata's Outlook for the IT Sector     Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 | 8:40 PM ET

    Girija Pande, Chairman, Asia Pacific of Tata Consultancy Services, believes the IT sector will remain resilient despite potential financial turmoil.

  • When Will Facebook Go Public?     Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 | 4:08 PM ET

    CNBC's Jon Fortt has the latest details on Facebook's IPO date and Yahoo's board meeting.

  • Best In Breed: Apple vs. Intel     Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 | 1:40 PM ET

    Making a case for the best plays in the tech sector, with Roger Kay, Endpoint Technologies Associates, and Ashok Kumar, Rodman & Renshaw senior technology analyst.

  • Microsoft Analyst Meeting     Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 | 12:43 PM ET

    The very latest on Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer and other executives' comments at its analyst meeting, with Colin Gillis, BGC Financial, and a look at other tech trades, including Dan Loeb lashing at out Yahoo!

  • Humans vs. Computers: Which Truly Dominates Trading? Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011 | 3:07 AM ET

    Stock trading performed almost entirely by computers is on the rise, provoking some weighty questions when it comes to markets: Will investing in shares become like chess, where only the very best humans can beat machines? Or is a human touch always superior to cold calculation?

  • Breeding the Next Tech Titan     Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011 | 4:43 PM ET

    Mayor Bloomberg is hoping a new initiative called, "Applied Sciences New York City" will position NYC to overtake Silicon Valley. John Hennessy, Stanford University, discusses Silicon Valley and what the University is prepared to do to help the mayor achieve his goal.

  • The Windows 8 Trade     Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011 | 3:48 PM ET

    The play on Microsoft's embedded windows franchise, with CNBC's Brian Kelly.

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  • Co-CEO, Revere Digital; Co-Executive Editor, Re/code; and Co-Executive Producer, The Code Conference. Re/code is part of the CNBC network.

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