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Ready to Give Chrysler Another Look?


Today Chrysler dealers are holding a party. Ready to go?

Getting people out dealerships to "celebrate" Chrysler's new status as a stand-alone automaker is not a huge priority for the automakers dealers. But stirring interest among buyers will be a goal in the next year. However, some of the comments I've heard from you since the Chrysler sale was completed shows just how far the company has to go to change attitudes.

In a nutshell, many of you have told me the same thing: aside from the Ram pick-up and the Charger, there is little in the Chrysler and Dodge line-ups that get your motors revving.

So I'm putting this question to you: what will it take to get you back in to a Chrysler or Dodge dealership? Be honest. And if you have no interest in Chrysler, what models are you watching? I'll put some of your comments in the "Behind the Wheel" blog later this week.

Tomorrow: the fastest selling cars and trucks last month. What's hot right now.

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