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  Wednesday, 9 Jan 2008 | 9:35 AM ET

Investors Pulling Billions Out Of Mutual Funds, ETFs This Month

Posted By: Bob Pisani
TrimTabs notes that investors took $10 billion out of U.S. equity funds in the first four trading days of 2008, and an additional $12.1 billion out of U.S. equity ETFs. That is a lot. How much? The worst month for outflows was May of last year, when $8.4 billion was pulled out. That's $8.4 billion FOR THE WHOLE MONTH; $22.1 billion was taken out the first four days of 2008. »Read more
  Tuesday, 8 Jan 2008 | 9:15 AM ET

Off The Market Floor Today

Posted By: Bob Pisani
I am out of the office and won't be posting today. Please come back tomorrow when I'll have new posts from the market floor. See you then. »Read more
  Monday, 7 Jan 2008 | 4:30 PM ET

Slowdown "Effect" Hits Market, And GM Talks Up Driverless Cars

Posted By: Bob Pisani
Slowdown talk hurts tech, commodities, defense stocks today. UBS downgrades IBM on concerns about a slowing in tech orders; Deutsche Bank downgrades Boeing and Goodrich. Commodities weak across the board—metals, steel, iron ore (2nd day in a row.) Defensive stocks—consumer, drugs all strong. Lilly upgraded at Morgan Stanley. »Read more
  Monday, 7 Jan 2008 | 1:54 PM ET

Market Feeling: Negatives Outweigh The Positives

Posted By: Bob Pisani
Commodity based stocks getting hit hard again midday. Alcoa down 5.3 percent, AK Steel down 4.6 percent, oil service down 2.3 percent. What's up? Underlying commodities are weak for a second day in a row--the CRB index (a basket of commodities) has fallen almost 2 percent the past two days. »Read more
  Monday, 7 Jan 2008 | 9:49 AM ET

Lowry's Analysis: Market Bottom Not Till At Least April '08

Posted By: Bob Pisani
One of the greatest concerns was the considerable technical damage that was done to the market last week, a concern echoed this morning by Lowry's, the oldest technical analysis service in the country. »Read more
  Monday, 7 Jan 2008 | 9:16 AM ET

Fourth Quarter Earnings: Jobs Spark Slowdown Questions

Posted By: Bob Pisani
Fourth quarter earnings season begins in earnest this week. On Friday, the weak jobs report forced traders to question the recent overweight in tech, industrials and materials. This overweight was based on the assumption that: 1) the U.S. was unlikely to be entering a serious slowdown. »Read more
  Friday, 4 Jan 2008 | 4:19 PM ET

Job Numbers Forcing "Review" Of Stock Models

Posted By: Bob Pisani
The poor jobs report is causing a rethinking of stock models, which are weighted toward certain sectors based on earnings expectations. Up until recently, many large traders were overweight tech, industrials and materials stocks on two assumptions. »Read more
  Friday, 4 Jan 2008 | 1:08 PM ET

Markets: Can Earnings Move Them Off Bad Jobs Report?

Posted By: Bob Pisani
The markets will quickly move from the debacle of the jobs report to earnings, and here the picture is a bit precarious as well. Fourth quarter earnings estimates have been coming down fast. We're expecting earnings for the S&P 500 as a whole to be down 9.5 percent (estimates from Thomson). »Read more
  Friday, 4 Jan 2008 | 9:03 AM ET

Jobs, Obama And Huckabee Are Talk Of The Street

Posted By: Bob Pisani
Nonfarm payrolls up just 18,000, well short of expectations of 70,000, weakest since August 2003. The November number was revised upward to 115,000 from 94,000 and futures dropped ten points initially. The dollar weakened. »Read more
  Thursday, 3 Jan 2008 | 2:52 PM ET

Street Finds Itself "Paved" With Gold Right Now

Posted By: Bob Pisani
Traders are blinking in disbelief at the commodity complex, as the S&P Energy Index (a basket of all the major energy stocks) has hit an historic high and gold stocks have gone parabolic. Look at what gold stocks have done in just the past two days: »Read more

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