GOP Taking A Negative Approach On Economy?

Tuesday, 11 Sep 2007 | 5:07 PM ET

Facing intense pressures from the 2008 campaign, Senate Republican leaders are planning to ignore White House talking points about the strength of the economy under President Bush and press a more forward looking agenda. The idea, a leadership source tells me, is to embrace the idea that the economy is in trouble and that spending restraint and tax cuts represent the solution.

If GOP leaders follow through, that will allow them to swim with the tide of public opinion rather to buck it. The decision follows a private briefing from Republican pollster David Winston, who counseled senators that voters reject "happy talk" and want action to resolve the economic strains from health care, the housing crunch and inadequate wage growth.

The video is from an earlier discussion today on "Power Lunch."

GOP: Perfect Storm Brewing?
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