Video Roundup: What Will the Fed Do?

Monday, 17 Sep 2007 | 3:59 PM ET

Fed policymakers meet Tuesday in one of the most closely watched central bank meetings in years. CNBC asked the experts what they expect the Fed to do and what impact it will have on the economy and markets.

KeyCorp CEO on the Fed
No sector of the economy is more dependent on what the Fed does than the banking sector, and Henry Meyer, CEO of KeyCorp, shares his insight with CNBC's Erin Burnett.

Banking's Special Interest

Henry Meyer, chairman and chief executive of Keycorp, says "the Fed is in a difficult situation" -- just like the banking industry. He shares his outlook on the Fed's balancing act with CNBC's Erin Burnett.

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Fed Decision's Consumer Impact
Insight on how a Fed rate cut would impact the consumer, with Robert DiClemente, Citigroup head of U.S. economic research; David Kelly, Putnam Investments sr. economic advisor; CNBC's Dylan Ratigan

Households Feel The Pinch

A Fed rate cut is no panacea -- but still needed "psychologically" by consumers, says Robert DiClemente, chief U.S. economist at Citigroup, and David Kelly, senior economic advisor at Putnam Investments. With CNBC's Dylan Ratigan.

Housing & the Fed
A look at the tumultous housing market ahead of the Fed meeting tomorrow, with Scott Brown, Raymond James chief economist, and CNBC's Diana Olick, Steve Liesman & Erin Burnett

Mortgage Lenders' Dilemma

The housing market is at a crossroads as the Fed meeting looms. Scott Brown, chief economist at Raymond James, shares his insights with CNBC's Task Force and Realty Check reporter Diana Olick.

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Stocks to Watch
Perspectives on what the Fed is telling the market, with CNBC's Joe Kernen & David Faber

Stocks To Watch

CNBC's David Faber discusses which companies may be affected by Fed actions -- and rumors of actions.

The Fed & PE
Insight on how the Fed will impact private equity, with John Snow, Cerberus Capital Management chairman and CNBC's Carl Quintanilla

Hedging Their Bets

John Snow, chairman of Cerberus Capital Management and former U.S. Treasury secretary, predicts how the Fed's strategy will affect private equity. With CNBC's Carl Quintanilla.


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