The Best O.J. Memorabilia

EBay is exploding with all things O.J. In the past week, 770 Simpson-related items have been sold compared to 337 items in the three months before that time. Not everything is going to come to market, but I thought it would be fun to throw out the best of what might one day emerge.

1. The Glove
My Estimated Value: $3 Million

O.J.'s Gloves
O.J.'s Gloves

1. The Glove
My Estimated Value: $3 Million

On June 15, 1995, Simpson -- in the courtroom -- put on the extra large gloves, one of which was found bloodied outside the residence of Nicole Brown Simpson, the other found at his estate. Although they are supposedly O.J.'s size, the gloves don't fit him, which leads Simpson's late defense lawyer Johnny Cochran to utter the famous line, "If the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit." The prosecution argued that the glove didn't fit because it was shrunken by the blood. This will never see the light of day, but if it did, I bet someone could get $3 million for it.

O.J.'s Bronco
O.J.'s Bronco

2. The White Bronco
My Estimated Value: $2 Million

The White Ford Bronco driving down the Los Angeles freeway is the scene that sticks in the minds of the nation from this whole ordeal. It's June 17, 1994 and Simpson is in Al Cowlings' 1993 White Bronco with Cowlings at the wheel. Since its capture on live television it becomes a "Where were you when..." moment.

It's not quite the same value as the glove, because you can't exactly pull it out of your pocket and show it to your friends, but if this thing is sold at the right time, I'm convinced the guy who bought it for $75,000 can sell it for more than $2 million right this minute. And to think that I had a conversation with this man three years ago and he asked me point blank, "Do you think it has any value?"

O.J.'s Suit
O.J.'s Suit

3. Simpson's "Not Guilty" Suit, Shirt & Tie
My Estimated Value: $500,000

This is the item that's really valuable, out of the loot that reportedly was stolen from the Las Vegas memorabilia store. It's the Ermenegildo Zegna suit that Simpson wore on Oct. 3, 1995, when he was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. It's been peddled before and the lot includes his David Rickey & Co. shirt and Zegna tie from that day.

Unfortunately, when it went up on eBay two months ago, it didn't meet the reserve and only drew a high bid of $8,600, despite a professional appraisal of $200,000. The eBay auction also pointed out a stain on the collar with O.J.'s blood since he cut himself shaving that morning.

Sold at the right time, in the right auction, this is a big piece -- especially now that it's part of this current fiasco. But given that it's now evidence it's possible collectors won't be able to get their hands on this.

4. Simpson's 1968 Heisman Trophy
My Estimated Value: $375,000

The greatest piece from Simpson's playing career went for $230,000 in an auction in 1999. Money went to the families of Simpson's ex-wife and Ronald Goldman. The resale value on this item is greater as Simpson's notoreity has increased.

5. Officer Nordberg's Wheelchair From "The Naked Gun"
My Estimated Value: $15,000

Not sure where this movie prop is, but I'd speculate that this wheelchair -- presumably beaten up from his tumble down the stadium stairs -- would get some bids.

Maybe a little more "Juice" with an O.J. signature.

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