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About CNBC HD+


Viewers turn to CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, for fast, accurate, actionable and unbiased business news.

CNBC HD+, a high-definition simulcast service of CNBC in North America, provides viewers with enhanced programming and insightful real-time data on all the action taking place in the financial markets.

Available on Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, DIRECTV and more; CNBC HD+ is the essential service for investors, providing all the elements of CNBC with greater levels of information, equipping viewers with more tools necessary to make decisions.

CNBC HD+ ushers in a new generation of content, taking full advantage of the wide screen format and fine resolution offered by high definition. It delivers an unprecedented mix of value-added information, packaged with the current program service. Long the leader in the delivery of breakthrough graphics and real-time data, CNBC HD+ takes this information to an even higher level of detail.

Among the features available, viewers get access to in-depth information on daily market movers, global indexes, commodities, and currencies -all in one platform. A revolutionary charting tool displays percent returns across multiple time spans, and provides viewers with deep drill-downs on company fundamentals, earnings, and more.


The new service also includes a secondary video window with its own audio channel, so viewers can opt to follow live testimonies, press conferences and other important events. CNBC HD highlights an improved ticker and index panel, which retains the same format, but enables high-definition viewers to track more companies and market data at the same time.

CNBC HD viewers get exclusive access to Mad Money on HD, CNBC's first show specially programmed and linked to on-air discussions with host Jim Cramer. Tune in to see details on the companies in Mad Money's Lightning Round, Jim's Mobile Internet index, and all the information you want available on your HD screen.

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*CNBC HD is an enhanced simulcast of the CNBC North America broadcast and is only available in North America.

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