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Detroit Auto Show: My Impressions (Nissan, Ford, China)


After 2 days of watching a slew of new models be introduced at the Detroit Auto Show, some impressions.

1. The Nissan GT-R is even more spectacular in person than I thought it would be. Is it a Corvette "killer" that will replace the American sports car as the speedster that delivers the best bang for the buck? I'm not sure, but the car looks gorgeous and I suspect it will deliver.

2. Ford's F-150 is a major step up. The best selling truck in America should stay on top thanks to innovations and additions such as a truck bed sidestep, more capacity, and it's more fuel efficient.

3. Diesel is coming big time. Almost every major automaker is either bringing. A diesel version of a model to the U.S. or making plans to do so. It's about time. Diesel technology has become so good that engines will deliver better performance.

4. The Chinese automakers are coming, but the quality of their cars has a long ways to go. As I looked at their cars it's clear they are simply not to the standards we demand. Gaps in the doors, and interiors that are basic and unrefined are just two of the problems I see with the Chinese autos.

Tonight at 9 pm EST on CNBC will talk about these thoughts and a lot more as we go all access at the Detroit Auto Show. It's about time somebody gave the Detroit Auto Show the treatment it deserves, and you'll see it live from the show floor tonight at 9.

Questions? Comments? BehindTheWheel@cnbc.com



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