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Gina Francolla

Gina Francolla
Senior Producer

Gina Francolla is the Senior Producer of Quantitative & Market Data Services at CNBC.


  • As we move towards the critical Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4th, public opinion polls are showing that Clinton is losing ground against Obama in Ohio and Texas, and Obama is on a roll with 11 straight primary victories.Clinton went on the attack last night, early and often in the debate at Cleveland State University in Ohio.  Did her aggressive behavior help her with the Intrade prediction markets (www.intrade.com)?

  • Oil at Record Levels Tuesday, 26 Feb 2008 | 5:21 PM ET

    Oil closes at a new record of $100.88 per barrel, and is climbing higher in the electronic session, hitting levels of $101.28 and higher.  How does that impact your prices at the pump?

  • Do the grim economic reports point the U.S. economy towards stagflation?  The markets seem to be shaking them off...Today the producer price index (PPI) monthly report showed that producer price inflation surging in January to 1.0%, and that the core rate, ex. food and energy also firmed at 0.4%.  The year-over-year PPI is at 7.7%, up from 6.5% in December, and is at the highest rate since September 1981.

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