Down Market? Stocks to Lift Your Portfolio

As the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P open the trading week in negative territory, CNBC asked the pros how to keep your investments toward the upside.

Restaurant Stock Picks   

Chow Down on Fast Food Stocks

"We would prefer the fast-food names, particularly in the near term. Some of these names have significant international exposure, they have great exposure to things like breakfast, late-night areas that actually have per capita consumption on the rise, and less exposure to the dinner segment, where you're already seeing a recession of sorts."

David Palmer, UBS Senior Restaurant Analyst

Palmer recommends: McDonald’s , Burger King , Starbucks and Darden Restaurants

Your Best Trades Now   

Eye on Zale

"Zale's is a company that has a great history of earning money. They've sort of lost their way; they've brought in new leadership from the outside. We think it's a great cost-reduction story going forward."

- Matthew Kaufler, Touchstone Value Opportunities Portfolio Manager

Market Mavens
Market Mavens   

Bet on Energy, Health Care & Financials

"There’s a lot of great opportunities out there with low interest rates and reasonable valuations. We still think the energy sector is a good place to be putting fresh money. Health care is a great place to put money. If you’re looking at the financials, we think the smaller life insurance segment has some great values out there."

- Elizabeth Miller, Trevor Stewart Burton & Jacobsen

Market Pulse Check
Market Pulse Check   

Bullish on Large-Caps

"I'm looking for things that have been overly beaten up. And that’s a fine strategy tactically for those who are bullish long-term. But for those who are really positive on this market structurally ... I’d recommend [that they] continue to look at large-cap tech, large-cap industrials, and energy companies-- as we do believe while the global economy will slow down with the U.S. is going into a mild recession, we do think the structural story of these companies is quite strong and the valuations don’t reflect that."

- David Bianco, UBS Chief Equity Strategist