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Charting Asia with Daryl Guppy


  Monday, 15 Jun 2009 | 7:29 PM ET

Chinese Strategies That Reel in the Prize Fish

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
The firestorm caused by Rio Tinto pulling out of its deal with Chinalco, resulting from the partnership with once bitter rival, BHP Billiton, has the makings of a soap drama. It's enthralling viewing, but many observers are missing the vital sub-plot which leads to the surprise ending. »Read more
  Tuesday, 9 Jun 2009 | 7:04 PM ET

Oil on the Roil — Handle with Care

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
Oil prices have more than doubled since the near $30 lows this past winter, tracking the stronger equities markets. Will crude continue to be hot, or are we in for a cold spell? »Read more
  Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009 | 1:41 AM ET

Buggy Whips, GM, Cisco & the Dow

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
How many times have you heard the claim that the market always rises in the long term? It’s a dangerous and misleading market myth underscored by the deletion of General Motors from the S&P 500 and the Dow this week. »Read more
  Thursday, 28 May 2009 | 1:33 AM ET

Gold — Long Term Prospects Shine

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
Gold has enjoyed a good run up the past 12 months, and this is mainly due to uncertainty in equity markets (have we reached a bottom yet?) and the oil rally in May. Is there still more upside potential in bullion? »Read more
  Wednesday, 20 May 2009 | 11:54 PM ET

Catch a Nasdaq by the Tail

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
The Nasdaq has provided consistent leadership in market development since the beginning of the bear market on late 2007. This information is especially useful if you are trading the Dow or the S&P 500, as these indexes follow the Nasdaq with a lag of several days. »Read more
  Tuesday, 12 May 2009 | 1:42 AM ET

Charting Asia: The Dow's Stress Test Rally

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
The debate rages on — Is this a new bull market or just a bear market rally? Have we bottomed out? Are the markets turning for real? Let's see what the charts have to say. »Read more
  Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009 | 8:08 PM ET

Nissan in Action – Watch for It!

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
Automakers around the world are facing the challenge of remaining relevant. With General Motors and Chrysler teetering on the verge of bankruptcy, which carmaker will survive the fallout? Definitely look to the Japanese, in particular, Nissan. »Read more
  Wednesday, 22 Apr 2009 | 3:32 AM ET

Volatility Is Your Friend

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
Volatility has traditionally been viewed as an enemy due to the assumption that price volatility is the same as trend volatility. But if you start to understand trend volatility, you can use it to your advantage. »Read more
  Wednesday, 15 Apr 2009 | 2:52 AM ET

General Electric: Profit from the Trading Bands

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
General Electric reports first-quarter earnings on Friday. What do the charts say about about the venerable stalwart of Wall Street? Well it looks like investors may have to wait a long time for returns. Traders, on the other hand, will have much more fun and profit. »Read more
  Tuesday, 7 Apr 2009 | 7:55 PM ET

Can the Nasdaq Predict Where the DRAM Heads?

Posted By: Daryl Guppy
Technology shares such as Japan's Elpida Memory and South Korea's LG Display have been on a rally. But what comes first — the D-Ram chip or the flat panel screen? The Nasdaq and the TAIEX (Taiwan Index) give the answer to this question. »Read more

About Charting Asia with Daryl Guppy

  • Daryl Guppy is an independent technical analyst who appears frequently on CNBC Asia. He runs training, analysis and resource workshops for retail and professional financial market traders involved in stocks, CFDs, warrants, derivatives, futures and commodities in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. He has his own trading company, guppytraders.com.


  • Daryl Guppy is an independent technical analyst who appears frequently on CNBC Asia.

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