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Dow has 20th Triple Digit Move of the Year

The Dow closed with a triple digit loss today, the 20th plus/minus 100+ point move of the year.

20 triple digit moves of the DJIA in 31 sessions

  • 9 up
  • 11 down (counting today)
  • Biggest Gain +299 on Jan 23
  • Biggest Drop -370 on Feb 5

This is the most 100+ moves ever in the first month and a half of a year. The previous record for the same time period was 14 in 2000.

100+ Point moves of the Dow (2008 excludes today)

080214 Dow has 20th trip dig loss of the year.jpg

On a percentage basis, this will be the 17th +/- 1% move in the first month and a half of a year. This has not happened since 1933. The record is 20 times in 1932.

Weighing on the Dow today:

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Intel
  • Home Depot
  • General Motors
  • AT&T