Lightning Round: Martha Stewart, Ford, Exxon and More

Integra Lifesciences : Cramer is generally bullish on medical-device makers, but he called IART a “no-go” until the company reports a solid quarter.

Lightning Round
Lightning Round   

Martha Stewart : A “remarkable franchise” in a dying industry, Cramer said. Print media is in a long-term secular decline, and he would shy away from any business primarily focused there.

Ford : The turnaround is taking longer than Cramer anticipated. General Motors , which he believes has bottomed, is a better play.

DryShips : Don’t buy, Cramer said. DRYS won’t work unless a recovery is imminent.

Exxon Mobil : It’s hard to find a better stock than Exxon, Cramer said.

Focus Media : China has been letting Cramer down, and he’s downgrading Focus to a “don’t buy.”

HSBC : Cramer wouldn’t buy HBC because the bank’s just too levered to the credit markets.

Oceanfreight : Cramer likes the double-digit dividend. Wait for a pullback and load up, he said.

Superior Industries: The only autoparts maker Cramer will endorse here is Johnson Controls .

Juniper Networks : This is a bad time in the cycle to own tech, Cramer said. Don’t buy Juniper or Cisco Systems until further notice.

Inverness Medical : Cramer called IMA’s acquisition of Matria Healthcare a terrible move. “Management screwed up, and they know it.”

World Wrestling Entertainment : A surprising amount of international exposure, Cramer said. He would buy it.

Jim's charitable trust owns Inverness Medical.

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