OJ Gets the Squeeze

Friday, 4 Apr 2008 | 9:07 AM ET

As Jane Wells pointed out Friday morning, orange juice seems to be getting squeezed when compared to the other headline agricultural commodities.

In fact, frozen OJ is down 23% year to date. Supplies are up and demand is down. Not a good recipe for futures. (Video: Jane Wells on OJ futures)

Here are some of these commodities, sorted from worst to best on a YTD basis.

Agricultural Commodities Performance YTD

Commodity Contract Month Price on 4/3 YTD % Change
Orange Juice May08 110.9 -23.41%
Pork Bellies May08 70.875 -17.56%
Milk May08 14.5 -10.77%
Live Cattle Jun08 89.075 -7.38%
Feeder Cattle May08 100.8 -5.88%
Soybean Meal May08 333.2 -1.04%
Soybeans May08 12.57 3.52%
Wheat May08 937 5.88%
Sugar May08 11.81 9.15%
Cocoa May08 2247 10.42%
Soybean Oil May08 55.37 11.57%
Oats May08 397 29.42%
Corn May08 6 31.72%
Rough Rice May08 20.2 45.69%

Companies that can be impacted include Coca-Cola, which owns many juice brands including Minute Maid, and PepsiCo which owns Tropicana brands.

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