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Can you walk away from an inheritance? Tue, 8 Oct '13 | 2:18 PM ET

It's one thing to inherit a basement full of boxes when a loved one passes away, quite another to get stuck with their debt. Tips for dealing with a money mess.

Con artists combine psychology and a kind of magic to find the right mark, devise the best deception and gain their victim's trust.

If you can't buy it, build it. These 5 expensive replicas that may be even better than the real thing.

The 10 poorest states in America Fri, 27 Sep '13 | 2:41 PM ET

The 10 U.S. states that had the lowest average household income, according to a recent report from the Census Bureau.

Why International Coffee Day is big, fat deal Fri, 27 Sep '13 | 8:14 AM ET

Americans are drinking more coffee, but less of the simple brewed kind. Seven high-calorie coffee drinks that could be padding your waistline.

Latest highlights from Paris Fashion Week Thu, 26 Sep '13 | 10:46 AM ET

The month-long global fashion frenzy is nearing its end, with the last of the big four fashion weeks held in Paris. Fashionistas descended on the French capital this week to check out what the "city of lights" had to offer.

The 10 richest states in America Thu, 26 Sep '13 | 4:09 PM ET

The top 10 U.S. states ranked by the average household income, according to a recent report from the Census Bureau.

Here's 8 things you must know about Obamacare Wed, 25 Sep '13 | 12:12 PM ET
President Barack Obama discusses the Affordable Care Act with former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York.

With a key October 1 deadline looming, here are eight facts about Obamacare that you were too afraid to ask.

From giant vats of mash to flaming barrels and a chilled glass of Kentucky champagne, here are scenes from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Billionaires say what? Six words only they know Tue, 24 Sep '13 | 11:33 AM ET

These six words mean one thing to most people and something totally different to the super rich. Life has complications.

Lady Gaga

From keeping you healthy to determining the NFL's schedule, here are a few more surprising ways companies are using your private information.

Forward-thinking minds in science and tech are taking the integration of high-tech device and human body further than ever. Much further.

Latest highlights from London Fashion Week Tue, 17 Sep '13 | 7:02 AM ET

Hot on the patent heels of New York Fashion Week, London kicked off its own spring/summer wear showcase on Friday. Click ahead for some early highlights from London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014.

We found the best kept secrets in luxury in some very unlikely places. You’ve probably never heard of these tiny towns unless you’re super rich.

Most underrated jobs of 2013 Tue, 17 Sep '13 | 6:00 AM ET

You probably never heard a mother brag, “My son, the biologist!” but maybe she should. Here are the most underrated jobs of 2013.

The most overrated jobs of 2013 Tue, 17 Sep '13 | 6:00 AM ET

Don Draper and Gordon Gekko may make their jobs look glamorous but guess what? They're overrated. Here are the most overrated jobs of 2013.

Cash is going the way of the dinosaur as mobile technologies—like those unveiled at FinovateFall 2013—help you become a (virtual) money manager.

A look at the growing industry of home automation, and smart homes; what's on the market today, and what's to come in the not-too-distant future.

Hot new cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 Tue, 10 Sep '13 | 12:15 PM ET

The curtain has lifted once again in Frankfurt for the 65th International Motor Show (IAA), a chance for automakers from around the globe to show off their latest models.

NY Fashion Week's hottest looks Tue, 10 Sep '13 | 1:15 PM ET
Naomi Campbell walks the runway during the DVF fashion show at MBFW Spring 2014 in New York.

Pastels, cutouts and florals ruled the runway as Fashion Week kicked off in New York, showcasing the latest looks for the spring 2014 season.

A sports industry insider predicts which events may attract betting, based on the jump in price of a ticket’s face value to its secondary-market asking price.

Though some family businesses are epic success stories, other families fracture under the strain—with explosive results.

World's best performing frontier markets Fri, 30 Aug '13 | 5:43 AM ET

As emerging markets continue to fall from grace, their less high-profile frontier peers are stealing some of the spotlight. Interested, but not sure where to look next? Click ahead to see which frontier markets are the top performers.

If your golden years seem threatened because of financial setbacks, don't panic. Here are 10 tips from retirement experts on your next steps.

Missiles, destroyers and subs: The US arsenal Thu, 29 Aug '13 | 12:50 PM ET

$1.6 million per missile. That's the cost of the Tomahawks the U.S. Navy may fire into Syria. But will that be a boon for Raytheon, which makes them?

Least tax-friendly states for retirees Mon, 26 Aug '13 | 11:04 AM ET

Due to a combo of taxes on ordinary income, pensions, real estate, inherited property and estates, these 10 states can best be described as hostile territory for seniors.

The following states in our list are clear front runners in initiating tax policy that helps to attract and retain baby boomers.

Your daily routine will never be the same. Here's a look at how disruptive technology and innovation are changing day-to-day activities.

Rose Dimov serves lunch at the Tilted Kilt, in Tempe, Arizona in this May, 2012 photo.

The “breastaurant” industry has grown to over $2 billion in annual sales, mostly from men drawn to the female staff. Read our list of some of the most famous.

Avoiding temptation: How to outsmart retailers Fri, 16 Aug '13 | 4:12 PM ET

Retailers use many tactics to induce shoppers to buy products they may not want or need. Here, some ways to avoid falling into the trap.

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