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  • Crescenzi: More Dollar Rally Lies Ahead Tuesday, 2 Sep 2008 | 1:45 PM ET
    Tony Crescenzi

    Bond expert Tony Crescenzi says given the massive scope of the commodity-linked trade, it is reasonable to assume the U.S. dollar will continue to benefit from the commodity correction.

  • Bowyer: Hey Ankle Biters ... Palin is Qualified Tuesday, 2 Sep 2008 | 8:01 AM ET
    Jerry Bowyer

    Sarah Palin is qualified because the primary traditional role of a vice presidential nominee is to help elect the top of the ticket.

  • Farrell: Lower Oil Despite Storms and Russia Monday, 1 Sep 2008 | 11:40 AM ET
    Vince Farrell

    It looks like the worst fears surrounding Hurrricane Gustav will not be met.

  • Bowyer: How Palin Will Help McCain Friday, 29 Aug 2008 | 11:00 AM ET
    Jerry Bowyer

    From drilling to abortion to taxes, the Alaskan governor will be a boost for the Republican campaign, says economist Bowyer.

  • Farrell: Is the Bear Bottom Behind Us? Friday, 29 Aug 2008 | 9:22 AM ET

    Strategist Vince Farrell thinks we're in a bear market but that we saw the lows of this downturn in July.

  • Busch: Gustav Spreads Fear as it Gathers Steam Thursday, 28 Aug 2008 | 11:54 AM ET
    Andrew Busch

    After experiencing strong political winds from Denver all week, the markets are now firmly focused on the "other" wind that forming in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Bowyer: Hillary's 2012 Acceptance Speech Wednesday, 27 Aug 2008 | 6:20 PM ET

    That's what my buddy Sam Schulman (who publishes The American Magazine) called it on his daily blog. I printed the speech out, and marked the paragraphs about Hillary with an "H" and the paragraphs about Obama with an "O". In the end the formula for her endorsement was the same basic formula as water: H2O1. She hurt him.

  • Kilduff: Keep a Sharp Eye on Gustav Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008 | 2:44 PM ET
    Hurricane Gustav

    Look for Gulf production to be affected as soon as Wednesday, as offshore rigs are evacuated, out of an abundance of caution.

  • Farrell: Economy Worries Trump Russia Oil Threat Tuesday, 26 Aug 2008 | 9:39 AM ET
    Vince Farrell

    It could be the markets have figured the global economic slowdown is becoming more pronounced and will offset supply concerns radiating from Georgia.

  • Bowyer: Markets Buying Biden? Monday, 25 Aug 2008 | 2:21 PM ET
    Jerry Bowyer

    Democrat week on TV is likely to mean a tough week for investors, says economist Jerry Bowyer.

  • Crescenzi: 8 Reasons for Today's Treasury Rally Monday, 25 Aug 2008 | 11:17 AM ET
    Tony Crescenzi

    The catalyst is more the result of collective influences than anything else, says bond expert Tony Crescenzi.

  • Bowyer: Obama's Pick and Democratic Friction Saturday, 23 Aug 2008 | 4:00 PM ET
    Jerry Bowyer

    The deep race/gender division in the Democratic party which has been brewing for 40 years, but bubbled over this year, is worsened by this pick. Hillary supporters (of whom Obama only had half) will feel the insult.

  • Farrell: This is What a Bear Market Does Tuesday, 19 Aug 2008 | 3:52 PM ET

    What the market gave us recently with a 300 point up day, the bear is taking back, as the bear will.

  • Crescenzi: Investors Are Shrugging Off Bad News Thursday, 14 Aug 2008 | 12:49 PM ET
    Tony Crescenzi

    Today's rally in equities highlights the process by which investors are becoming/will become numb to weak economic news. That's a function that will be very necessary between now and the end of the year, if equities are to continue rallying.

  • Crescenzi: Rate Cuts Now Seen For Europe Thursday, 14 Aug 2008 | 9:45 AM ET
    Tony Crescenzi

    In response to weak employment news (for example, claims for jobless benefits increases their most in 16 years in July) and a downgrade by the Bank of England in its assessment of England's economic outlook, expectations for interest rate cuts from the Bank of England ramped up today.

  • Crescenzi: Nine Reasons For Dollar's Rally Friday, 8 Aug 2008 | 10:28 AM ET
    Tony Crescenzi

    The dollar rally is reversing a major negative for the U.S. economy, which will benefit more from the increased purchasing power than will result from any loss of U.S. exports.

  • Andrew Busch

    PHS are essentially the leading indicator the housing market. These sales include homes, condos, and co-ops.

  • Crescenzi: Obama Effect on Oil Monday, 4 Aug 2008 | 1:06 PM ET
    Barack Obama

    In early July I published a note discussing how expectations of an Obama win could knock $40 off the oil price. The note is below. One piece of the puzzle was put in place today with Obama mentioning that he might tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).

  • Busch: Markets Starting a McCain Shift? Friday, 1 Aug 2008 | 2:45 PM ET
    Andrew Busch

    American voters are not as dumb as people think and the latest polling data could be showing they understand which policies are going to work for creating jobs via trade.

  • Kilduff: Iran And Data Keys To Rising Oil Prices Friday, 1 Aug 2008 | 11:35 AM ET
    John Kilduff

    I am looking for crude oil prices to re-take the $130 per barrel level, as soon as next week. We need to see what Iran does over the weekend, and further parsing of the economic data points will also be required to better infer a lasting trend.

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