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Keeping My Eye On Consumers

Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Ventura, CA, New York. For the past week, I’ve been traveling around the country and keeping an eye on consumers across America. Each region faces its own unique challenges with gas prices fluctuating from market to market and housing prices also shifting.

In particular, I’ve been watching growing retail vacancies in California and Florida. Keep an eye out because we shot lots of great video and interviews regarding Mom and Pops and some of the challenges that retailers are facing in these problem markets.

Tomorrow I’m off to Kentucky for another story, but I PROMISE that I will post those notes from the Sears meeting by tomorrow morning. A number of readers have asked just when Lampert’s comments will appear on my blog and I’ve only my own laziness/hectic schedule to blame for the delay.

In the meantime though, I’ll be anchoring the "Closing Bell" at 3 pm ET today. I’m excited to say that Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren will be joining us live from their headquarters to talk about the company’s better-than-expected earnings. Watch at 3!

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