David Pogue

Columnist, New York Times

David Pogue is the personal-technology columnist for the New York Times . Each week, he contributes a print column, an online column and an online video. His daily blog, Pogue's Posts, is the Times's most popular blog. Pogue is also an Emmy-award-winning tech correspondent for CBS News and a frequent guest on NPR's “Morning Edition." His trademark comic tech videos appear each Thursday morning on CNBC.

With over three million books in print, Pogue is one of the world's best-selling how-to authors. He wrote or cowrote seven books in the "for Dummies" series (including Macs, Magic, Opera, and Classical Music); in 1999, he launched his own series of complete, funny computer books called the "Missing Manual" series, which now includes 60 titles.

Pogue graduated summa cum laude from Yale in 1985, with distinction in music, and he spent 10 years conducting and arranging Broadway musicals in New York. In 2007, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in music from the Shenandoah Conservatory.

Pogue and his wife Jennifer Pogue, MD, live in Connecticut with their three young children.


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