Agriculture Stocks: Profit From Modernization

Tuesday, 10 Jun 2008 | 10:46 AM ET

David Riedel has been thinking about the agricultural challenges facing the world, and he's come up with some ways for investors to harvest profits from the planting and growing of crops.

"They're going to have to apply modern methods and machinery to the farmland around the world," the president and founder of Riedel Research told CNBC. "They're going to need to aggregate farmland into larger plots, so they can use machinery and fertilizers...to raise those yields."


So how does this all play into a portfolio?

"We're finding Brazilian aggregators...we're finding Russian aggregators like...Black Earth Farming, but for the U.S. investors who wants to find something closer to home, I would definitely point people towards Deere," he said. "They're definitely a company that's going to benefit from the global demand for their high-tech agricultural machinery, as people ty to find a way to raise their yield."

Fertilizer plays can be tricky, he says.

"I think potash is pretty much played out...I don't think we've got another opportunity for potash prices to triple like they did this year," he said.

Still, he's got a potash play.

"Uralkali, it's a Russian company, very huge resources of potash in Russia, and Uralkali is very well positioned to benefit from the global demand for potash fertilizer," he said.

Learn more: Watch the entire interview (video below):

Smart Plays for Agflation
Planting the seeds for profits, with David Riedel, Riedel Research Group emerging markets analyst and Keith Hennessey, White House economic adviser


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