Stocks Your Dad Would Love

How are you honoring your father this Father's Day? With a tie? A recycled birthday present? How about some stock?

Brent Wilsey of Wilsey Asset Management has some names that just say, "Dad."


His list begins with Harley-Davidson.

"That's a name everybody knows," he told CNBC. "I think it's time to buy the bike, and the stock."

Harley-Davidson stock is down 47 percent from its top, and Dick's Sporting Goods also looks like a bargain to Wilsey.

"Their sales are still up 21 percent, year-over-year, same as their earnings," he said.

Another retailer on his shopping list is Men's Wearhouse.

"The company's having a little bit of trouble, these levels, (the stock is) very attractive," he said.

He also likes auto-parts retailer O'Reilly Automotive, a stock that's been driven down by the weakening economy, high gas prices and its acquisition of rival CSK Auto.

Father's Day Stock Picks
Father's Day Stock Picks   


Brent Wilsey owns shares of Harley-Davidson in his portfolio and those of his family and clients.